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All in the mind

Sunday, 29 January 2023 at 16:59

All in one on Dr John Dunn. Illustration: Sam Falconer

We are absorbed into an objectivity that we believe we have, but we do not, because we have it as it appears - the reflection of a reflection. For this reason, that of which is doubly reflected is ignored. The Logos of the world, the radical life of thinking and of each and every being,is ignored. (Massimo Scaligero)

All in the mind

The part of my loved ones which I lost is a reality which never lived.

Reality is not the simple abstraction from the thinking act which we take as real.

When I have this abstract reality in mind, in my ordinary mundane thoughts, I am unconscious of the thinking act which gives it life and makes it be.

Abstract reality simply does not exist, having no mortality or immortality.

The concrete reality which does exist lives in my mind.

My all-embracing mind gives life to everything.

This living multiplicity of everything is my living thinking.

My all-embracing mind coterminously brings destruction to everything.

The life of the object in my thinking mind is also its death, otherwise I would be abandoning it to a fallen life petrified.

The objects of my love, affection and passion live, their immortality being their eternal mortality.

© John Dunn.

Life: my mind's reality

Saturday, 28 January 2023 at 20:52

Cosmos in mind on Dr John Dunn. Life: my mind's reality

Immortality belongs to my mind, which is not nature.

I was imprisoned within definite limits, birth and death, outside of which my selfhood was never present and then annihilated.

But I discovered that my selfhood, within which I appeared to haunt a ready-made world with other similarly imprisoned individuals, is rooted in a higher self, in which alone I am real.

My concrete higher self contains my lower and other abstractions, people and things.

My higher self is not unfolded in space and time.

I cannot say that my higher self is before the birth and after the death of my lower, because "before" and "after" applied to it would cause it to fall from the one to the many, and by destroying it as the one I should also be destroying the many, all people, all things, everything.

My higher selfhood is outside every “before and after”.

My higher selfhood is in the eternal, opposed to time, which it makes to be.

By eternity, I do not mean transcending time such that my selfhood stands outside time as one reality is outside another.

Time is, rather, held within me. What is indefinite from the standpoint of the many is infinite from my point of view.

Life, my mind's reality, is in the experience of consciousness.

My higher self is not in nature, nor ever becomes it; but rather keeps its own infinity, without which even nature with its multiplicity, that is,with space and time, would be dissolved into the bleak indefiniteness of Ananke’s dark realm of one nothing.

© John Dunn.

Following the old turnpike

Friday, 27 January 2023 at 21:30

Little Houghton on Dr John Dunn. The following notes are written by way of an experiment. They will form the basis of a commentary to a motorcycle ride along an old turnpike road. The history of the road and the changes made to it over the years will be pointed out. The results, if viable will then be published on my YouTube Channel.

Notes made earlier about the start of the turnpike road in Northampton can be found in the Blog under
"St Peter’s Bridge" posted Wednesday, 11 January 2023 at 21:59

Following the old turnpike

Northampton and Cold Brayfield Turnpike (1827 to 1880), today's A428

Little Houghton

The old turnpike road wound its way through Little Houghton Village, and continued to do so as the A428 until 1980.

Inits 1826 application to Parliament to become a turnpike, the trust proposed to build a bypass south of Little Houghton. It never happened because of the cost. The bypass was not completed until well after the turnpike era in 1980 - that’s 154 years after it was first deemed necessary.

Shortly after the old road emerges back on to the A428, traces of the old road can be seen on the OS Map to the right of the A428. Along this stretch of old road, the 1884 Ordnance Survey Map shows Primrose cottages. Prospect Cottage is added to the 1952 version of this map. This map also shows a milestone on this trace of old road. The 1952 map does not show the milestone, nevertheless, the remnants maybe worth looking out for.

Brafield on the Green

Just before the crossroads at Brayfield on the Green, a bend in the old road was removed and a staggered junction introduced at the crossroads, sometime between 1946 and 1952 according to the Ordnance Survey Maps of those two dates.


The old turnpike road wound its way through Denton village, and continued to do so as the A428 until 1931.

In its 1826 application to Parliament to become a turnpike, the Northampton and Cold Brayfield Turnpike Trust proposed to build a bypass south of Denton. It never happened because of the cost. The bypass was not completed until well after the turnpike era in 1931, that’s 105 years after it was first deemed necessary. The concrete road bypassed 3 bends in the village. Note: concrete road.

Yardley Hastings

There was an original proposal in 1827 for the much needed bypassing of Yardley Hastings, yet it was deemed too impractical to carry out.

Bedford Road West was eventually opened on 27 November 1912 by S.G. Stopford Sackville, County Council Chairman. The 400 yard road bypassed the steep and twisty route through the village and was constructed by Council Labour.

Warrington toll bar roundabout (Warrington, just north of Olney in Buckinghamshire)

Shortly before the roundabout, the old road veers left. This is a trace of the old road before road realignment to remove bends and the construction of the roundabout at the crossroads in c.1980.

There was a plan to straighten this stretch of road in the 1826 application to Parliament to become a turnpike. That’s 154 years before it was eventually completed.


Road widening was completed next to the church in 1954. A plaque to commemorate the event is located on the churchyard wall.

End of the road

Just beyond Lavendon, the responsibilities of the Northampton and Cold Brayfield Turnpike Trust ended at the junction of today’s A428 Bedford Road with the B565 from Newport Pagnell, just short of the village of Cold Brayfield.

© John Dunn.

Cosmic crime

Thursday, 26 January 2023 at 20:18

Veil on Dr John Dunn. A crime is committed as the veil is drawn.

Mysticism demands the immediate opening up of the spirit, which reflected thought ingeniously demands of various meditations. Such thought does not recognise the spiritual element within itself that it goes about mystically or metaphysically representing outside itself, outside its own being. (Massimo Scaligero)

Cosmic crime

A cosmic crime has been committed, the objectivising of God, the distancing of the Originatory Principle, of Love, from man.

The Platonic mysticism of Jehovianism has been implanted in all the sub-Judaisms, Christic, Islamic and atheistic.

The absolute is worshipped in its objective aspect, leading to the negation of the subject,

In an act of self-identification with the object, an act of idolatry, an act of mysticism, the subject negates its individuality

And yet… this mysticism, which is the denial of the value of the subject, is the activity of the subject, and therefore the implicit affirmation of its value.

I commingle and integrate the eternity of God with the eternity of my mind.

It is not the objectified and distanced abstraction of God which posits the immortal soul, but the concept of God in so far as it is my concept and therefore a manifestation of the power of my mind.

© John Dunn.

I dominate space and time

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 at 20:45

The Centocelle Eros on Dr John Dunn. Eros of Centocelle

"It is the unconscious inherence of thinking within perceiving, the temporality that arises from thinking, which in itself is timeless. For this reason, we can gather, within perceiving, time as a fabric of thought. To free the thinking within perceiving is, in fact, to experience time as presence." (Massimo Scaligero)

I dominate space and time

Before the Beginning, space and time reigned supreme. It was Ananke’s realm, shared by her consort Chronos.

Ananke rests alone in a state of undifferentiated Oneness and equilibrium. Her’s the endless repeating cycle, her’s the infinite cosmos.

"I am all that has been and is and shall be; and no mortal has ever lifted my garment."

Ananke rests alone, untouched, unpenetrated, undefiled… until violated by Eros.

The cosmic creation story is metaphor for my story.

My mind is Eros.

I am opposed to the infinite cosmos, unifying it in my mind.

I dominate space and time, breaking through and thrusting beyond every limit.

I subdue, dominate and triumph over the cosmos by withdrawing myself from its laws.

What I think of is as it is thought and not otherwise.

I cannot think of anything except as being true in distinction from its contrary of being false.

And the true is the absolute, for it cannot be but what it is.

The things of the cosmos have other things surrounding them, but the true is alone.

Truth is not subject to the spatiality and temporality of natural things; it transcends them even in being what must be thought about them.

Truth posits itself as eternal.

The eternity of truth implies the eternity of my thinking in which truth is revealed.

Truth is transcendent and so too is my mind.

Feeling truth can only be feeling the eternal also, capax Dei, feeling that I participate in the eternal.

My thinking is truth. My mind is Logos.

© John Dunn.

It is not space that is infinite, but rather my mind

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 at 19:00

Dore's Satan on Dr John Dunn. Gustave Doré, Satan as the falling angel , illustration for John Milton's Paradise Lost.

If space were to escape the limitations of my mind, it would rest fixed, in equilibrium, complete and undisturbed as the interminable oneness of Ananke’s realm. As a fixed and finite thing outside my mind space would be an abstraction, nothing, a fallen thought, a fallen angel.

It is not space that is infinite, but rather my mind

My mind is the home of cosmic space.

There is not a space which contains my mind.

My mind is infinite, whilst space is finite.

Space is finite in my mind, without being a fixed finite thing.

Space is only conceivable through my thinking.

My thinking does not set the limit, and then cease to think.

My thinking is unfailingly absolute, the Beginning always, ever setting and at the same time never establishing the limit.

Space, however vast is always within my mind. My mind is superior to it, and can look beyond its limits towards remoter limits.

There is no space without limit, but there is no limit that is not negated by my mind.

It is not space that is infinite, but rather my mind; and as with space, so the same applies to time.

© John Dunn.

Ricroft of Withens.

Monday, 23 January 2023 at 15:09

Halliwell Sutcliffe on Dr John Dunn. Henry James Halliwell Sutcliffe (1870-1932), painted by Ernest Moore (1865-1940)

New addition to my book collection.

The emphasis is on Yorkshire, because the author concerned is synonymous with that great county, namely Halliwell Sutcliffe (1870 - 1932).

The book is Ricroft of Withens.

Much of the action in this novel is set in the moorland around Haworth; Brontë country in other words. The Withens belonging to the hero Ricroft is based on Top Withens, the same setting for one of the greatest ever novels, Wuthering Heights, by the amazing Emily Brontë.

Also featured in Sutcliffe’s book is a country inn called the Silent Inn. This indeed is based upon a real place and can be visited today. Once called the Eagle, it was renamed The Silent Inn to gain publicity from the novel, which was popular, going through multiple reprints in Sutcliffe’s lifetime.

Ricroft of Withens was first published by, T. Werner Laurie in 1898. My example was also published in the same year, but this time by T. Fisher Unwin.