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Surprise, surprise

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 at 18:04

It is upon love that the mystery turns, i.e. upon the fact that there are no criteria by which love can be defined.

This is the wonderful mystery of God.

'God is love' (1 John 4:8, 16).

From this text it becomes evident that to have a: 'lived experience' of the love of God is to manifest His love in the individual’s own life. Without manifesting God's love in his own life, such a person cannot know God or ever have known the love of God or experience His presence.

But in the dialectic of Love, the believer experiences something else - the experience of self.

Throughout my journey I have struggled against the Spinozist death of the self.

Many of the thinkers whom I have cited have been engaged in the struggle for the survival of the self.

All have failed - with their theories and philosophies falling prey to the all-subsuming power of Spinozist Oneness, which is itself grounded in Lurianic Kabbalah and Judaism.

It seems to me that the alternative to the death of the self (tikkun) is to be found in the message of God through Jesus. Here is to be found the re-birth of the self to new life.

I can hear the committed Christians saying - surprise, surprise...

© John Dunn.

Tidy theories

Friday, 16 November 2018 at 19:51

Rudolf Steiner on Dr John Dunn. Consciousness cannot exist in harmony with the world. By its very nature it must live in confrontation with the world and change it - ‘with implications for eternity’.

Rudolf Steiner

This is not to say that consciousness is to be understood as an adjunct to cosmic evolution per se, i.e. mankind at ONE with the Logos in carrying out the work of the latter. This is where we left Steiner. This is where the theories of Ilyenkov and Vernadsky ended up, with man as central to the evolutionary stage of the Noosphere. These were all great and tidy theories, but all Spinozist in the end - Ilyenkov’s openly so.

This is to suggest, as Steiner did, that man exists to serve some purpose greater than himself, again introducing a passivity into man’s existence.

This is all wrong. Man’s power is not purposive, it is unconditional.

© John Dunn.

Divine ego

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 at 18:08

Italian thinker on Dr John Dunn. Julius Evola

In his 1925 work Essays on Magical Idealism, Evola declared that 'God does not exist. The Ego must create him by making itself divine.'

The youthful Evola was onto something here

But this is not to say that in trying to become divine we search within ourselves for the Nietzschean superman.

We have already emphasised the need to be more human, not super-human, or Übermensch (beyond-man).

We become more divine by becoming more conscious, more human.

By Coleridge’s definition, we exist through most of our lives in a dead state - a sub-human state, ie not thinking or creating, but rather by accepting the pre-existing. We live at the frozen pole, afraid to shoot the albatross.

The implication is that there is an alternative… a resurrected state, a fully humanised state.

The implication is that we can know an object when the object is neither found nor discovered by our thought as existing before we began to know.

The chance encounter, love, has no pre-existence.

© John Dunn.


Saturday, 1 September 2018 at 20:43

Julius Evola on Dr John Dunn. Julius Evola went through stages of realisation with regard to philosophical idealism that are exemplary.

Idealism seemed to hold the answer.

The world can only be 'my' world. Even if there was something more, something 'objective', I could never know it : upon my coming to know it - just as things turned into gold as soon as touched by Midas - it would turn into MY thought, my experience, my representation : it would be subjected, that is, one way or another, to my conditionality. On this basis, all doubt seemed removed, the door of mystery was shut, and the 'I' was provided with a solid and unassailable rock, where it could feel free, secure and dominant.

And yet…

…if the 'transcendental I' of the idealists was not to become merely another name for the same Creator God in the sky who was considered by these philosophers to be a superstitious and uncritical hypostasis and a mere 'positing' of our own thought, if it was to be referred in any manner to our real being, the consequence was a paradoxical, regressive collapse.

…it is one thing not to be determined by the other (by what is exterior), but it is another thing to be really, positively, free.

If the individual is not to be lost, then a philosophy of defiance is the only answer.

Evola put forth a philosophical system that he described as 'Magical Idealism' and the theory of the 'Absolute Individual,' which he developed in response to German idealist philosophers, amongst others.

Evola states:

The path of the Absolute Individual is based on the following imperative: not to flee from existential deficiency, not to grant deficiency an existence of its own as a way to avoid its weight’ (that is to say: not to define deficiency as a distinct reality such as nature, the thing in itself, or God); but rather, to acknowledge the existence of deficiency and render oneself superior to it by facing it and enduring all its weight.

© John Dunn.

Trumpeting stampede

Monday, 9 July 2018 at 21:40

Flowering Rifle on Dr John Dunn. Inspired by his own journey through Andalusia, John Dunn here continues a reading of the opening to the great epic Spanish Civil War poem, Flowering Rifle, by Roy Campbell.

The products of Bloomsbry, Isis and Cam, to whom Campbell refers here, i.e.the conflation of homosexualised Leftists and Jewish political and financial interests that he identified as his enemy from the outset, are likened by Campbell to the living dead, whose ‘modern’ and progressive causes are, in reality, out of date, or dead meat.

Campbell refers to the Leftists’ Huesca Offensive of 1937, a huge defeat for the International Brigade forces.

Campbell infers that thousands died unnecessarily for an out of date Red cause.

With the charnel house perverts, or living dead, to trumpet them, i.e. bards from the Auden/Spender mould, no wonder the utterly ineffective International Brigades fled from the first taste of battle in their droves.

For they’ll have nothing but what’s stale or late
And to be “modern” must be out of date.
They bury facts as crocodiles their meat
Returning later to “debunk” the treat
Which they most live for: like their friends, the Reds
Who pulled the mouldering corpses from their beds,
Who in Huesca’s graveyard raised the Bar,
And drummed with thigh bones to the shrill guitar,
Doomed by the same sub-realistic curse
In living bodies to forestall their hearse,
A doomed and dying species, with their cause
Condemned by the inexorable laws,
Who only by inversion can exist
As perverts, in a charnel-breathing mist,
From Death and Sin their scrawny themes to twist—
And with such bards to trumpet them to battle
No wonder the British Reds stampede like cattle.

© John Dunn.

Pong of wrong

Saturday, 7 July 2018 at 20:34

Flowering rifle on Dr John Dunn. A recent journey through Andalusia reminded John Dunn of the Spanish Civil War poet - Roy Campbell.

John Dunn continues a reading of the opening to Roy Campbell’s epic poem, Flowering Rifle.

See, how they come Democracy to save
The moment it begins to dig its grave,
While jutting bonework corrugates the scurf,
With murderous paws to shovel its own turf
A starved hyena at whose sapless dugs
The Russian Romulus in frenzy tugs,
While Spanish Remus has the brighter wheeze
To polish off its last remaining fleas—
Till even such a chump as Herbert Read
Woke up to it that things had gone to seed,
And chose the next most mouldy thing he could
That promised nits and jiggers in the wood,
Who now in Anarchism’s foetid cell
The elixir of life pretends to smell.
Decrepitude for them’s the only Right,
Though as “humanitarians” they write
With greasy Tatuffades to slime the cause
That has more victims in its murderous jaws
Than ever were destroyed in mortal fight,
Blasted with bombs, or heaved with dynamite,
Or executed here, to serve them right:
Not only that, but if we well examine,
Invariably they side with filth and famine,
Morality for them has never mattered,
Except when crime or failure must be flattered:
For all their talk of what is Right or Wrong,
What matters most to them is—“Does it Pong?”

Adying Democracy fails to revive the Russian Communists and their lackeys, the Spanish Left. Herbert Read, aware of the failure, turns instead to Anarchism, almost as mouldy, but not yet as tainted with the same genocidal connotations. Anarchism offered him a respectful eccentricity.

All the while, the incompetents of Bloomsbury, Isis and Cam, come to save Democracy as “humanitarians” - but as communists and anarchists they are in reality “Tartuffades, i.e. imposters and hypocrites, whose true faces are those of the promoters of amorality, death and suffering.

Questions of Right or Wrong matter not to them. What leads them to their noble causes is the stench of famine, filth and failure, reduced, in their own public school banter, to the question of “Does it Pong?”

© John Dunn.

Stench of failure

Thursday, 5 July 2018 at 22:01

Largo Caballero on Dr John Dunn. A recent journey through Andalusia reminded John Dunn of the Spanish Civil War poet - Roy Campbell.

John Dunn continues a reading of the opening to Roy Campbell’s epic poem, Flowering Rifle.

Go ask the poor old Negus if I lie
And Largo Caballero by and by!
For they're signposts that always point the path
First to Geneva, afterwards to Bath,
When, crunched by the Right-handedness they lack,
Each Thug or slaver takes the scrap-yard track,
With these funeral croakers at his back;
Vultures and crows so rally to the field
And where they “group” you know the doom is sealed,
Before it hits our nostrils ripe and hot
They’ve long ago divined the inward rot,
And as by sympathy I sense the rose
Of Victory before its buds unclose,
So they (before it trumpets to the nose)
Anticipate the maggot on its way,
With it co-operate in swift decay,
And so with one more carcass strew the way:
Which you may spoor, by no exception crossed—
One trail of causes villainously lost!

Largo Caballero was a Spanish Prime Minister who was forced to resign, to live in exile in Paris. The Negus refers to Haile Selassie I, who appealed for help in vain to the League of Nations in Geneva, following the Italian invasion, only to end up in exile in Bath.

Caballero were prime examples of the ‘Thugs and slavers’ whose doom was sealed once they received the support of the Bloomsbury/Cam/Isis homosexualised Left wing incompetents (to which Campbell had referred earlier in the poem).

It is as though Auden, Spender et al are drawn to causes most likely to fail by the smell of decay and rot, which they have no trouble divining.

Turning spoor into a verb (spoor being a noun for a track, a trail, a scent, or droppings especially of a wild animal), Campbell implies that a trail of failed Left-wing causes might easily be followed if we simply follow the stench of them all.

© John Dunn.

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