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The without is always within - there is no means of transcending my consciousness

Saturday, 24 February 2024 at 10:46

Humanity lives on Dr John Dunn.

The without is always within - there is no means of transcending my consciousness

I cling to my humanity. Anything accomplished does not diminish the need to accomplish more and more and more. To become a simple passive spectator of my soul, even after a life of the mind intensely led, would be to become an inert spectator in the void, in the nought which is absolute, in the nothingness before the Beginning that never ends.

I made the activity of others the object of my own thought, and to that extent I objectivised my lovers, and yet, the objects of my own thinking became my own activity, and in that way I entered into the spiritual fact of them, that is into their inmost essences. Seek and ye shall find, for so long as it is sought it is found. Love is not found outside the seeking, for once what is known is stored away safely and possessed, Love is gone.

Love is God, hence the God I find is the God whom in seeking I make to be. To prove a spiritual reality in Nature would be folly; such were Satan’s temptations of Christ.
For in the infinity of my consciousness, the without is always within. There is no means of transcending my consciousness.

© John Dunn.

The humanity of my mind is in process not substance 

Friday, 23 February 2024 at 21:57

Mind centred on Dr John Dunn. The humanity of my mind is in process not substance 

You innocents are because you are already all you can be. You have realised your essence. All your determinations are a necessary and pre-ordained consequence of your natures. You are what you can be, and you have no will to break out in to new unforeseeable manifestations. All the manifestations by which your natures are expressed are already there existing implicitly. The empirical manifestations of your beings are closed within limits already prescribed as impassable boundaries. You are as stones or plants or animals. 

The open capacities of my mind are to be distinguished from the closed capacities of nature, be it animal, mineral, or the sub-humanoid innocents of Beulah and their deceivers. I am withdrawn from every pre-established law, and cannot be defined as a being restricted to a definite nature, in which the process of my life is exhausted and completed. The humanity of my mind is in process not substance. There is no reality which can be opposed to my thinking as independent of it and as the presupposition to it. An acceptance of such a reality would be idolatry. I banish thought itself as an activity if that thought is conceived as a reality existing apart from its developing process, as a substance independent of its actual manifestation.

© John Dunn.

Transcendental ego, the light of the Logos shining through

Thursday, 22 February 2024 at 22:20

Light through trees on Dr John Dunn. Transcendental ego, the light of the Logos shining through

You the mentally wounded, you the unloved, you the never having loved, you can only be realised through the transcendental ego, through me.

In the Beginning, I became aware of the unreality of my being as an empirical ego opposed the separate ready-made ‘reality’ into which I was thrown. Instead I realised that the things that once seemed opposed to me were given being by me. Through encounter and Love I saw others’ needs as my own, and discovered that my life is not closed within the narrow circle of my empirical personality, but ever expanding as a mind above all particular interests and yet immanent in the very centre of my deeper self. My inner self was not lost in the feeling of others' needs as my own. On the contrary, I unified in myself all particular and empirical egos to become the transcendental ego, the light of the LOGOS shining through.

In the Beginning is Love, and Love is the mystery which cannot be presupposed or understood as something apart or pre-existing.

And yet what are the criteria of true love? There are none. Criteria only exist in the order of the objective and problematical. Criteria, those presuppositions, belong over there, with them, ‘the they’. Love belongs over here, with me as an individual and the mystery. (Child of Encounter)

Love teaches that I can only know an object when there is in that object nothing given and presupposed, nothing which my thinking finds there already, as though it were ‘real’ even before I knew it.

© John Dunn.

Halliwell Sutcliffe: additional information*

Wednesday, 21 February 2024 at 21:28

Halliwell Sutcliffe on Dr John Dunn. Halliwell Sutcliffe: additional information*

The family home at the time of his birth was Lees Farm Manor House on Haworth Road near Cross Roads on the outskirts of Haworth, and this is where he spent the first three years of his life.

A blue plaque in celebration of Sutcliffe’s years at Lees Farm Manor House was unveiled on Saturday, 13th November 2021 by the Lees cum Cross Roads Village Association (Keighley News 4th November 2021).

Halliwell Sutcliffe would have had only the vaguest of memories about this low beamed old manor house, with its pre-Reformation connections to Rievaulx Abbey, Nostell Priory and the Knights Hospitallers, and thereby very likely to the Templars. However, he spent the greater part of his life within a few miles of the home to his earliest childhood, and would have known something of its history from his parents. His self-perception of rootedness in this place might well have fostered the romanticised historicity that pervaded his novels and many aspects of his life.

Halliwell was the son of John Sutcliffe (b.1835), the local schoolmaster, and in 1873, aged three, moved with the family to the Old School House, on Old Main Street, by the church at Bingley on his father’s appointment as headmaster of Bingley Grammar School. The father held this post until his retirement in 1901 and his son was educated at this school.

*Information building towards a new Halliwell Sutcliffe Blog.

Halliwell Sutcliffe was born in Thackley near Bradford on the 25th of April 1870 at the house of a relative, and died in Linton-in-Craven in 1832. He was an author of popular novels. Most of then are historical romances set in the Yorkshire Dales and the moors around Haworth, and many of them romanticise the Stuarts, especially Bonnie Prince Charlie.

© John Dunn.

Born fallen to die risen

Tuesday, 20 February 2024 at 20:06

New dawn on Dr John Dunn. Turn to face the new dawn

Born fallen to die risen

Creation as Resurrection

You experience a relationship of sorts to the Logos at the very inception of thought.
The Logos is the flaming light, endowed with creative power.This light of fire is continuously extinguished in reflected consciousness. Reflected thought, ‘fallen thought’, has opposed the Logos. The point is that, where thinking is not yet reflected and it has its intuitive moment, it moves as the light of the Logos. The logical consequence of this is that you must grasp the light before it flickers out. The secret to your healing lies in perceiving the light of fire, and grasping the moment of thought’s inception, which is the rebirth into the light of the Logos.

The Creation is the Resurrection and vice versa. From the moment the Logos incarnated and defeated death,you have had the possibility to think according to the Resurrection, insofar as the flaming light of the Logos lights up within each thought that you think. But to perceive this light, you must overcome the darkness of reflected thought. This is why Nietzsche’s death of God does not mean atheism, but rather the end of idolatry. Was not the state of pre-being the fallen state? Are you not all born into a fallen state, from which most people never rise?

© John Dunn.

They have made of your birth a death

Sunday, 18 February 2024 at 10:40

Danse Macabre on Dr John Dunn. They have made of your birth a death

That which violates the interminable and indiscriminate oneness, the unviolated equilibrium of Ananke, is Love. The cosmic creation story is is your individual coming to being, but the religionists (the scientists of the Big Bang included) have made of the Creation a ‘reality’, a one-off start of things, describing it as an event apart from you, in your cosmic past, so to speak. They have torn the mystery of the Creation away from you, placing it before you as the concluded reality into which you are thrown at birth. They have made of your birth a death.

When finally you recognise what they are, I challenge you to find:
Warmth in their smiles
Comfort in their words
Love in their hearts

© John Dunn.

In thrall to Urizen

Sunday, 18 February 2024 at 10:31

Urizen by William Blake on Dr John Dunn. Trapped in the nets of William Blake's Urizen 

In thrall to Urizen

The first steps to freedom will emerge from reflected thought’s adherence to the ‘truth’ of the other, the mineral ‘appearing’

Love is the awakener to freedom, which is the Beginning. The cosmic story, which is the metaphor for the individual’s story has Love as its Beginning. Love is the Originatory Principle, the founding principle beyond which there is not even a metaphorical explanation. Love has no explanation. In the words of the correct translation of John 1 ‘In the Beginning is Love.’

Until there is Love you live rhetorically, in thrall to Urizen, and worship at every moment in the 'Synagogue of Satan’. Disenchantment is the necessary precursor to freedom. This applies at an individual and the wider human level. There is no freedom without awareness of error. Your move towards the freedom that not even the angels possess has to occur in a world of error, where freedom can only ever be ‘rhetorical’, where to live ‘rhetorically’ is to be subject to the conventions of social life, rather than being in full possession of yourself

If the pure unheeded relation with the Logos controlled thinking, you would completely realise truth; you would not know error, nor consequently evil, but you would not be free. Such is the fate of the angels. Each of you would be an impeccable spiritual automaton, whose imperfect and distorted counterparts are the blind adherents to faith, holding us to laws, religious and scientific, that oppose and block the unseen impulse of the Logos on Earth.

Your first steps to freedom will emerge from reflected thought’s adherence to the ‘truth’ of the other, the mineral ‘appearing’, which separates subject from object, thought from life, man from God and man from himself. Before Love is known, you must take you seat amidst whole congregations in Urizen's 'Synagogue of Satan'.

© John Dunn.

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