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USA modelled on France

Sunday, 12 February 2017 at 10:28

Jean-Baptiste Colbert on Dr John Dunn. What were the Pilgrim Fathers really escaping? A Sarpian, Spinozist, Lockean Britain.

The model for the new USA was not the Sarpian ‘Republick of merchants’ with Lockean overtones, but rather the France of Louis the XIV and Jean-Baptiste Colbert (pictured), except that the President undertook the role of an elected ‘king’.

Not surprisingly, the American revolutionaries received the support of France.

Only later was the republic in which happiness was to be pursued turned into a ‘Republick of merchants’.

© John Dunn.

Perfected state of oligarchy

Saturday, 11 February 2017 at 20:55

Isaac Luria on Dr John Dunn. The impact of Lurianic kabbalah was multi-layered, and socio-political in essence.

Isaac Luria (1534–1572) took his followers on a metaphorical journey of Platonic, Eleusian divine light, creation and fall, that left mankind with a neo-chivalric quest for redemption and return to divine perfection. This was ‘secret’ knowledge; a revamped gnosticism.

In the mystical language of gnosticism, Luria wrote down an allegory of exile and return for the Marrano Jews.

From what were the Jews exiled? Not Palestine for a start.

The great and significant exile was from the Renaissance states that were attempting to gain control of their economic destinies, within newly established national borders.

To what did the Jews long to return? To a borderless world of unimpeded trade - sharing the spoils of serf-produced surplus with the landholding nobility and Venetian bankers.

Tikkun was the allegorised process of return.

Ein Sof was the hoped-for perfected state of oligarchy.

© John Dunn.

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