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Until he meets Beatrice

Sunday, 9 July 2017 at 21:15

Beatrice and Dante on Dr John Dunn.

Beatrice and Dante by Jiří Anderle

I am reminded of a statement attributed to the French Catholic novelist, Francois Mauriac: ‘A chance encounter between two people can have implications for eternity.’

He, in turn, was influenced in this idea by Gabriel Marcel.

What did he mean by this?

‘Relationships between things are external, relationships between people are internal.’ (Gabriel Marcel)

Intersubjectivity, is lived internally.

Through the encounter my life was changed forever.

Why? This was the metaphysical question and the answer is to be found here inside of me.

Eros led me

Lust encouraged me

Loss destroyed me

Rejection and humiliation led me to the wall of fire.…

Shortly before sunset, the Poets are greeted by the Angel of Chastity, who instructs them to pass through the wall of fire. By reminding Dante that Beatrice can be found in the Earthly Paradise on the other side, Virgil finally persuades Dante to pass through the intense fire. After the poets pass through the flame, the sun sets and they lie down to sleep on the steps between the final terrace and the Earthly Paradise.
(Purg. XXVII)

Virgil urges Dante to explore the Earthly Paradise until he meets Beatrice. Before sending him off, Virgil blesses him with these words: ‘there I crown and miter you over yourself.’

Crowned and mitred one, the individual through which all future and all past exists as now.

The self-generating, self-evolving, self-existent, self-manifesting and self-born

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