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Wednesday, 3 January 2018 at 20:49

Marx mask on Dr John Dunn. Marxism is but symptomatic. The fact is that the Counter-Renaissance was victorious. The myth of progress to capitalism continues to hide a return to feudalism, i.e. the neo-feudalism of our time.

This was the victory of Spinozism that exists today as Marrano universalism, hidden under the Marxian mask of capitalism. What we have now is a crypto-capitalism, with the political objective of global unity serving a financial objective of the free and unrestricted movement of money - an echo of the borderless pre-Renaissance chaos that was congenial to the economic success of Spinoza’s forebears.

Under this crypto-capitalism, the global economic surplus is channelled through central banks, with global indebtedness and the concomitant central bank lending secured against the enforced taxation of whole populations.

It is the call for ‘no countries’, ‘no borders’, that brings the anarchist, Marxist and financier together as promoters of tikkun, the great repair, the return to Ein Sof, from the state of fragmentation symbolised in the shattered vessels of Luria’s Kabbalah.

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