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Wednesday, 4 April 2018 at 20:55

Louis IX on Dr John Dunn. It would take monarchical absolutism to break the grip of the Guelphic oligarchy by imposing order upon the chaos. The sweeping away of ultra-feudalism meant neutering the power of the nobility, whilst controlling trade by limiting the movement of goods, slaves and money. As a consequence, this also meant effectively policed national borders. Within these borders the monarch would be able to act as a servant of the commonwealth, i.e. govern on behalf of the physical and cultural enrichment of the people, as opposed to the deliberate holding back of development in the form of intensive labour by ignorant peasants, who could be easily and persistently exploited by having their surplus labour looted to no positive end for themselves.

The necessary coalescence of order out of chaos began in France. Louis XI (pictured above) tackled one element of the tripartite Guelphic alliance, the nobility, in an effort to break the grip of profiteering, usury and financial speculation that epitomised the era of ultra-feudalism. He imposed absolute royal authority, with the nobility unquestionably subservient to him.

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