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Three-dimensional Gestell

Monday, 2 December 2019 at 17:01

Three dimensions on Dr John Dunn. The use of the present tense by historians is no accident.

We live in the first era without a history - a timeless time of self-absorption in technological activity.

The fashionable newspeak of historians highlights the radical forgetting of historical time in society as a whole.

We are familiar with the impact of globalisation in a two-dimensional sense i.e. the erasure of difference and the imposition of a uni-culture or non-culture.

Well there is another less familiar dimension in which a similar pattern of differential erosion has occurred - that of historical time.

Heidegger's notion of the Gestell, a unity that orders the structuring of our experience, attitudes, values, and manner of engagement with the world, but is nevertheless not itself a thing, has extended its grip in a 3-dimensional way.

We all reside within a ‘timeless time’ conditioned by the precision of the self-absorbed immediacy of technological activity. Ironically, it is a timeless time promoted openly by historians.

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