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Only Love

Wednesday, 1 January 2020 at 10:56

Eros on Dr John Dunn. (In my previous blog about Heidegger and conscience, My ownmost way, I asked - what awakens conscience?)

Only Eros can transform the human psyche.

It is the transformative power of relationship.

Eros pulls the naive innocent towards the source of divine love.

Eros is the the god within the naive innocent that unfolds authentic existence.

In the Greek mysteries only chaos existed i.e. chaos as non-being and from chaos was born Eros.

The naive innocent too exists in a state of chaos i.e. the chaos of 'the they', or a state of non-being. Does this chaos give birth to the god that is Eros, i.e. the god within?

In the Greek mysteries Eros represents the driving force behind the birth of the gods, the divinities.

At an individual level, does Eros give birth to divine knowledge?

In Orphic tradition, the mother of Eros was Night and his father the Wind,a combination symbolic of chaos. From their cosmic embrace, Eros was born from an egg, the Orphic Egg.

Eros symbolised the emergence of cosmic order out of chaos. On another level, the essence of Eros was the awakening of human thought out of the chaos of naïvety, or the emergence of the human out of animality, or being out of non-being.

The awakening activated by carnal desire means an end to the animalistic non-being of innocence and reveals the pure love and awakened consciousness of the psyche.

Yes, Eros does give birth to divine knowledge - as conscience, as being.

© John Dunn.

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