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Royal Enfield Classic 500 crossing Great Barford Bridge and Tempsford Bridge

Tuesday, 21 June 2022 at 22:27

Bike and boatyard on Dr John Dunn. New video on YouTube

Royal Enfield Classic 500 crossing Great Barford Bridge and Tempsford Bridge

Dr John Dunn 2022

A Royal Enfield rideout with bridge history in the offing. Bedfordshire is the location for my visit to two historical bridges.

The trip was videoed and has been transferred to YouTube for publication on Thursday 24th June at 10pm.

Gentle motorcycle touring on a Royal Enfield Classic 500.

The historical, quirky and unusual features of the English countryside seen from the saddle are captured on video.

Join me as I follow maps, park up and take a look around.

"...I love riding these quiet country lanes - the type of road on which this Royal Enfield excels, with its low revving, low compression, long stroke engine just chugging away, able to pull even the lowest speeds on this type of road in its highest gear. It all makes for a very satisfying way to travel around when seeking out the historic, the unusual and the quirky points of interest from the English landscape."

Original commentary researched, written and read by John Dunn.

View here at publication time.

John Dunn ©

‘He', ‘I’ and ‘is’

Monday, 20 June 2022 at 21:08

Pointing to is on Dr John Dunn. ‘He', ‘I’ and ‘is’

Dr John Dunn 2022

There are metaphors, there have always been personalisations and anthropomorphisms, but these are always in danger of sliding into presuppositions, sinking into idolatry. How can God be known?

Answer: with­out image, without naturalistic attributes, and without semblance.

But if I am to know God without theses things, then there must be nothing between me and Him. I must really become He and He me. God must really become me and I must really become God.

In the dialectic of incarnation and spitualisation this 'He' and 'I' become ‘is’, and in that 'self-identity' the Beginning is eternal, for this 'He' and this 'I'- that is, Logos and soul are very fruitful.

But a single 'here' or a single 'now,' and this 'I' and this 'He' could never become ‘is’. There could be no ‘be’ing.

‘He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.’ (1 John 4:16)

“I know that without me no God can live; were I brought to naught, he would of necessity have to give up the ghost.” (Angelus Silesius)

“Creation is an act of love and it is perpetual.” (Simone Weil)

“God does not exist. The Ego must create him by making itself divine.” (Julius Evola)
John Dunn ©

The Doors

Sunday, 19 June 2022 at 21:39

Blake engraving on Dr John Dunn. An edited version of plate 14 from William Blake’s Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

The Doors

Dr John Dunn 2022

Opening the door to poetic human love… is the opening of ‘the doors of perception’… is the Beginning. These are the thoughts emerging from the re-posted blog below.

What comes before the Beginning? Loneliness, the condition of being unloved, or, more importantly, the state of never having loved another. What comes before the Beginning? The dried-up withered womb of the indefinite cycle, the indefinite equilibrium that only Love can truly violate.

Loneliness is the realm of Ananke, before the Beginning, before Love, before ‘be’ing.

John Dunn ©

Poetic human love

Dr John Dunn 2022

In ever really understood what feeling alone meant, because always, realising inner loneliness, actually looking for it, I found myself with the inner life of others, so I felt solitude not as an isolation, but an ascetic path to communion with the actual reality of beings. Feeling alone has always been a way to serenity for me.

However, we all know that there is a difference between solitude and a condition of loneliness. The latter is related to having no-one to love, more so than being loved. It is akin to being incapable of poetry, not as aesthetic activity, but as a breathless and free spirit. The whole inner climate of the communion with the other must be poetry or it is valueless; it must be an encounter that sinks into a healing harmony. Everyone is called to the restoration of ancient harmony, the original Eden of the human couple, the crystalline marriage. The human condition is to face a world of entangled forces and lusts, ethnic struggles, wars, classist fanaticisms, equal levelling etc. This is related to the faltering of faith and honour in the spirit fighter. A failed spiritual commitment gives calculating and materialist forces pseudo-legitimate powers over the world. Beyond all compromises, overcoming fears and obscure human limitations, we need to bring all this to its end, forcing spirit to rise above what is ordinarily feared. Until such a time loneliness will hold sway. The era is difficult, but heroic and holy. One day the door to sacred and poetic human love will be opened.

John Dunn ©

Wrapped in metaphors

Saturday, 18 June 2022 at 22:48

Steiner also on Dr John Dunn. Wrapped in metaphors

Dr John Dunn 2022

A descriptive force wrapped in metaphors. My description of Rudolf Steiner is such because I believe he offers new knowledge, but only if we re-interpret his metaphors in a way applicable to the individual experience. As such (and I have said this before in previous blogs), the cosmic Beginning is a metaphor for the individual experience of the Beginning, which is the only Beginning. Being awoken to the Beginning is the equivalent in Steiner’s terminology to finding the Christ. Remember this whilst reading the re-posted blog below.

John Dunn ©

Know the reality

Dr John Dunn 2022

There follows a summary of how Rudolf Steiner might have described man’s position in our epoch. There is only one path open to a description of this type and this is highly metaphorical. However, the descriptive force of the message wrapped in metaphors depends on the reader first knowing the reality of the world.


Over time it has happened that man has descended, for different degrees of consciousness,to physical thought. He had to carry out an inner activity in which the divine-spiritual beings no longer acted. In ancient times he acted with the imagination and intuition that were given to him by the invisible Masters, the Gods, but later he had to lose this help, in order to win his freedom.

Having lost his true inner dimension, he is currently in such a condition that no matter how much he can grasp the whole outside world with his thought of him, he cannot grasp the depth of inner reality. The superficiality of his intellectual level does not allow him to find the Gods, but he finds a being who gives him the answers, gives him the possibility to organise the world, knowledge, the economy, the future, everything that can be understood and organised through fallen thought. The being he finds is the one that Rudolf Steiner defines as the most dazzling intelligence on Earth: Ahriman. At that same level, that of fallen thought, however, man can also encounter Christ. It can be said that at that level man encounters the presence of Christ and the presence of Ahriman on the same level. Of course not because Christ and Ahriman are on the same level, but they are for the man who thinks with the thought of him fallen.

Man has the possibility, through Christ, of rediscovering the I as he was originally. However, on the level of reflected thought he finds more easily a force that gives him everything organised: knowledge, physical,mathematical, philosophical knowledge, ethics, logic, administrative capacity, and also politics, the judiciary, medicine, even art, religion, metaphysics and meditation. It is all in the kingdom of Ahriman!

Man is put in a position to know this dazzling power, but he also has the ability to perform an act of freedom and reject the easy path of Ahriman, to find the more difficult one of Christ. But he can't find Christ if he first doesn't know the reality of the world.

John Dunn ©

Rudolf Steiner’s Darwinism

Friday, 17 June 2022 at 22:33

Steiner on Dr John Dunn. Rudolf Steiner’s Darwinism

Dr John Dunn 2022

There-posted blog below concerns the failing which runs through much of Steiner’s great contribution to human knowledge. His failing was his slavery to the evolutionary concepts of Darwin. Steiner was a Darwinist.

And yet at the core of Steiner’s work are ideas that, stripped of their Darwinism, will at some point in the future, change the way that we understand what it means to be human.

If Steiner’s cosmic mythology could be reinterpreted as a metaphor for the individual human experience, then the Darwinism that hinders his work would fade away to insignificance.

John Dunn ©

Thoughts on love prompted by Rudolf Steiner

Dr John Dunn 2022

Steiner was hopelessly in thrall to the Darwinism of his time in the way that he believed human development to be a process of evolution.

There was a time, he believed, when the Divine expressed itself through love in humans.

The gods received the love that pulses through human beings and lived from it.

Man lived on the basis of love e.g. blood ties, ethnic groups etc.

Between sexes, love became a blind drive, a sexuality, blind instinct

The Gods were nourished by this blind instinct

Humans were filled with passions, but with no knowledge as to what drove their desires.

Hosts of Lucifer intervened between between gods and men.

Under influence of the gods alone the human being would have remained without the astral light, without knowledge.

Lucifer had to make up for lost time in development and employed the human being for this purpose

Lucifer had no sensory existence, but used human beings for this purpose.

Gods implanted love in people.

Lucifer seduced those people into seeing it in the light.

Lucifer has a much more intimate relationship to human beings than the gods who reign in love and love alone.

Lucifer opened the eyes of human beings and looked out with us, completing his development with us.

Carried in the womb of the gods we were children of the gods.

Striving with Lucifer we are a friend of Lucifer.

This association was expressed in the legend of how Paradise was lost.

It was expressed too in the supersession of Judaism by Christianity.

The law works from external compulsion, what Christ brought to the world works from inside.

The God of love worked above human beings, within them the light worked.

To reach love one must first become light.

Christ represents the elevation of light to love.

Light can lead to evil, but it must exist if we are to become free.

Law becomes grace as the law is lifted out of the human beings own heart.

Now knowledge can be lifted up to love.


The challenge in all the above, I feel, is to exclude the evolutionary element of Steiner’s mythology and render it down from human beings in general to the immediate individual experience.

John Dunn ©

Child-like frivolity

Thursday, 16 June 2022 at 23:14

Cave painters on Dr John Dunn. Child-like frivolity

Dr John Dunn 2022

The re-posted blog below should be read in the context of words written for my book Renaissance: Counter-Renaissance.The Originatory Principle is, in itself, an act of spontaneity. The violation of the indefinite cycle is likened to something as innocent as a child turning to what delights it.

The world came into being in an act of spontaneity. There was no pre-determined reason for its creation, which was an act of total freedom. The spontaneity of this act was likened by Dante to a child at play who turns eagerly to what delights it. Such unrestrained freedom became the foundation for positing our own human freedom. It is because we were born out of this spontaneous action that we can go on believing that there is such a freedom for us. (p.7)

That was Dante’s view. My view is that the frivolous nature of any act open to man is potentially deadly to any equilibrium.

John Dunn ©

Deathly frivolity

Dr John Dunn 2022

Ancient man created beautiful cave art in the deepest darkest places that could not be seen.

In modern terms, this was a frivolous and wasteful activity. It was like a child alone at play, expressive of a creativity that does not need an audience.

Measured by the same terms, the creation of the cosmos was a frivolous act.

But is not a frivolous act an intervention in a self-regulating system? It is an act without purpose only in the terms of the self-regulating system itself.

Self-regulating closed systems, i.e. equilibria, do not need minds; do not need man.

The cave painter does not affect the outcome of the hunt, but he asserts his will upon the world and escapes his former animal-like existence as a purposeful functionary within the self-regulating natural world.

Escaping equilibria is the essence of what it is to be human. In terms of the particular equilibrium from which man must escape, humanisation will always be an excess, exuberance and frivolity.

The frivolity is even more marked in the face of death. I do not know where this leads us, but may have something to do with the fact that man is being unto death, whereas animals are being in the present.

John Dunn ©

Another precursor

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 at 21:08

Forest and house on Dr John Dunn. Another precursor

Dr John Dunn 2022

An extremely short piece, but one that I would catagorise to be included in my Precursor blogs. The precursors in question were precursors to the light, not the light, but each bore witness of that light.

The ‘Cosmic beginning is a metaphor for individual Beginning is a metaphor for personal Beginning, and the common denominator is Love’.

The same applies to the short blog below, except that the metaphors apply to a personal state of mind before the Beginning, i.e. one held in thrall to Ananke. However, the light shone through once I began to carve out my clearing in the forest.

I chose the lowest threshold option into university possible and just scraped together the qualifications to getthere. I did it all myself. Something was driving me. I created space -space to read and think. (See archived blog: Light passed through)

John Dunn ©

Clearing in the forest

Dr John Dunn 2022

My dear loving father had financed the low entry threshold university degree in business, expecting much of me. I formed friendships of convenience in the early exploratory months of my university time, none of which survived beyond the first year. During this brush with an academia of sorts, I walked and read, walked and read, immersing myself without map in the city and rambling suburbs, lost for hours, never ever reading the set books, never ever attending lectures; but this was education, real learning. Classics of English literature, poetry, philosophy, biography, all were on my personal syllabus. This was the first clearing in the forest.

John Dunn ©

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