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A Corner of Tudor England

Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at 21:12

Ashleworth barn on Dr John Dunn. Continuing my motorcycle ride in Gloucestershire (see most recent blog), I moved on from the Saxon England of Odda’s Chapel, to the late-medieval England of Ashleworth, the site of fourteenth century tithe barn, which will be the subject of my next YouTube video, to be published shortly. As I mentioned below, the following words are by way of background notes to my eventual video commentary, which will be finalised soon. Details of the publication date on Youtube will be announced on this website.

Dr John Dunn 2022

A Corner of Tudor England

And here we are, the England of the late Middle Ages… at Ashleworth, a few miles from Deerhurst.

And there is the medieval tithe barn…

(As you’ll see, the barn butts up to a working farm. The farmer still uses it for lambing in the Spring.)

The tithe barn was built around 1496 when the manor was owned by the Abbey of St Augustine in Bristol.

It was used for the storing of tithes, the tenth part of a farmer’s produce paid by tenants of the Abbey as a rent or tax.

It’s a late example of its type, and was only in the possession of the Abbey for about 50 years before the dissolution of the monasteries.

The land here passed into the hands of the Church of England and the barn and manor house next door were leased to a series of families until they became freehold in 1887.

This place would have been a hive of activity at harvest time.

Ox carts pulling in at the great barn doors, the unloading of the sheaves of corn.

Then the threshing of the corn, done by hand with flails until threshing machines became available in the 19th century.

The windows and open doors allowed the a breeze to pass through the building which helped with the work of winnowing, separating the grain from the chaff, once the threshing had been completed.

The harvest could be stored in the barn, perhaps some of it threshed during the winter.


Well, there you have it, Saxon and Medieval survivors to be enjoyed and appreciated in our time.

Now its time to rejoin the delightful network of little lanes around here and be on my way.

© John Dunn.

A corner of Saxon England

Tuesday, 2 August 2022 at 22:05

Odda's Chapel on Dr John Dunn. The stone Anglo-Saxon chapel attached to a timber-framed house

I have a new YouTube video in production, videoed whilst motorcycling through a network of quiet lanes, by the River Severn in Gloucestershire. I stopped at the village of Deerhurst, because I wanted to see the Saxon church known as Odda’s chapel. The following words are the notes I made from which I’ll extract a commentary to my video, I anticipate, within the next week or so. The publication date will be announced on this website.

Dr John Dunn 2022

A corner of Saxon England

I’m in Deerhurst in Gloucestershire, about two miles southwest of Tewkesbury, in search of a corner of Saxon England.

Odda’s Chapel at Deerhurst is one of the most complete surviving Saxon churches in England.

It lay undiscovered for centuries, its walls hidden by the rambling rooms of the 17th-century farmhouse known as Abbot’s Court.

The nave had been made into a kitchen, with a fireplace and inserted windows, while the chancel had become a bedroom.

The chapel lay forgotten until 1865 when the Revd George Butterworth rediscovered it.

The main clue was the Odda Stone that had been found in an orchard near the parish church in 1675. The inscription on it stated:

Earl Odda had this Royal Hall built and dedicated in honour of the Holy Trinity for the soul of his brother Aelfric, which left the body in this place. Bishop Ealdred dedicated it the second of the Ides of April in the fourteenth year of the reign of Edward, King of the English.

So - Earl Odda had this Royal Hall built, the stone reads. The inscription remained an enigma for centuries.

What was the Royal Hall to which it referred?

Then in 1885, while a stone house in the village was being repaired, a round-headed window was discovered behind the plaster of one wall.

When more plaster was stripped away, it became clear that this house had once been a church, with a nave and chancel.

The church that Odda built in the 1050s in memory of his brother was, therefore, attached to his own house.

The house eventually expanded, probably after the Suppression of the Monasteries in the 16th century Tudor years, to absorb the ancient church.

It’s now time to leave this corner of Saxon England to go in search of Tudor England in nearby Ashleworth. (More to follow.)

© John Dunn.

Into the chaos

Monday, 1 August 2022 at 20:38

Chaos by Watts on Dr John Dunn. Chaos c.1875–82 by George Frederic Watts 1817–1904

World without Love

Dr John Dunn 2022

The dumb masses can’t see; this is the frustration that Eros/Zarathustra feels with the animal-like inhabitants of the moony world of Beulah.

Fed lies by the followers of Urizen, they cannot see that the truth and the way lies inside each of them.

The dumb innocents are at one with Ananke, in all sameness and oneness, in a steady state of equilibrium, without form, and void, and dark, in in the state before the Beginning. In this state they will remain unless and until they encounter Love. The state is before the Beginning, for which the metaphor is the cosmic Beginning. The following re-issued blog describes this.

Into the chaos

The nauseating refrain “I just want to be happy” rises from the moony world of Beulah, where the debt-ensnared seek the relief doled out by the followers of Urizen, not seeing that what is handed out is what they themselves handed in.

A sadistic light show casts fleeting shadows in a cave of contentment,

And the dumb innocents snatch out mindlessly,

And love is lost in the chase,

And all the dumb innocents are lost in the same activity until the day is done.

All is indistinguishable, man from man, race from race, man from animal,

And the light available to the demonic is limitless,

Whereas man has held only shadows from birth.

Know this, screams Eros/Zarathustra into the chaos,

The I needs the force from which it arises!

© John Dunn.

Violator violated conscious

Sunday, 31 July 2022 at 21:02

Apollo and Daphne on Dr John Dunn. Apollo and Daphne, Andrea Appiani, 1794-1795

Who is violated?

Dr John Dunn 2022

The question of the violator being, in actuality, the violated party is moving to some sort of resolution in my mind.

The dangerous, dumb innocent is at one with Ananke in all sameness and oneness, in a steady state of equilibrium, without form, and void, and dark. He is in in the state before the Beginning.

In the Beginning is Love. It is the dumb innocent who must be violated, whose equilibrium must be overturned. Love has the power to do this, the love found in the chance encounter.

Rilke might have screamed at the angels, but if only he had known, he had been in the company of the highest orders of angels all along. He was a nothing innocent before them, but a poet after them. Yes Rilke was right, 'every angel is terror', i.e. every angel brings with it the terror of the end of innocence.

An angel occupied your body and spoke to me… touched me… and drew me towards the Divinity.

(The Seraphim from The Mythology)
The dangerous, dumb innocent never finds Love, more importantly, is never in Love, and so never meets the terror of the end of innocence, as the following re-issued blog describes.

Violator violated conscious

I finished my previous blog with a question:

The violator, now conscious, was the violated party.

But is not the unremitting cycle to be consciously broken?

Yes consciousness is the goal.

Yes that was the hope of Zarathustra/Eros upon his return to Beulah from the mountain top.

But in most of the dumb innocents the birth of consciousness is thwarted by the children of Ananke, the followers of Urizen.

Ensnared in debt from birth, the dumb innocents of Beulah are happy to find relief in any distraction, and the followers of Urizen are there to provide it.

Beulah is a place in which the do-nothing dumb masses might find contentment. “I just want to be happy” is the nauseating refrain.

I quote Gottfried Leibniz in a letter to Christian Wolff of 21st February 1705:

I do not think that there can be a blessedness in creatures that would be the satisfaction of every sort of desire, but rather that the true blessedness of a created mind consists in the unimpeded progress to greater goods. It is not enough to enjoy a contented and tranquil mind, for that also belongs to those in a stupor.

The point is made.

Whose benefit is served by holding the innocents in stupor?

….the holders of the chains of debt
.…the holders of the chains of knowledge

Yes - there are specific agencies involved, but they all share the same Spinozist, Marxist, Kabbalistic, Freemasonic and Derridian underpinnings. They are the children of Ananke, followers of Urizen, the anti-Love, the murderers of Love, driving the world on to undifferentiated Oneness and entropic death.

The violator violated comes to consciousness. There is incarnation …he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. (1 John 4:16). There is resurrection and new life.

I quote from Child of Encounter:

So,to look at this negatively, a life devoid of the experience of Love is devoid of God. But we cannot just choose to love can we? Surely a real experience of Love comes through the chance encounter. As such, some are elected and others are not one might say.

And Eros/Zarathustra came down from the mountain and urged the Elect to tear down the flags of imperialism and lead the dumb innocents out of Beulah under the banner of the vivifying sun.

© John Dunn.

Violator violated

Saturday, 30 July 2022 at 21:43

Hades has Persephone on Dr John Dunn.

A depiction of Hades carrying Persephone off to the underworld by the 19th-century Italian artist Luigi Basiletti. Credit...Luigi Basiletti/Accademia Clementina di Belle Arti, Bologna, Italy, via Art Resource, NY
Love: the mystery

Dr John Dunn 2022

I think we have no choice but to accept that Love is the mystery. What I have termed the Originatory Principle has no explanation. Love has no explanation. That is the mystery.

The cosmic origin story is a metaphor for the personal story.

Until the overturning of the equilibrium, i.e. innocence, man is in thrall to Ananke, at one with Ananke. (In thrall also to Urizen and his self-hating children.)

In the cosmic mythos, Ananke is violated by Love, the mystery, the Originatory Principle. That is a metaphor.

In the personal story, Ananke too is violated by Love.

There is something before the Beginning, and that something is death.

It is this that links the cosmic Beginning, which is a metaphor for the personal Beginning, with death and resurrection.


In the re-issued blog posted below, I asked at the end - But is not the unremitting cycle to be consciously broken?

The answer is no. The violator is Love, which is the mystery.

Violator violated

In The Mythology, Ananke is equated with undifferentiated oneness. 1=0

In the beginning the originating principle, Love, violates Ananke.

The cosmic egg and the emergence of life, Eros, results.

The unremitting cycle is broken.

It is a cycle that that must continue to be broken if life, mind, consciousness, are to differentiate themselves from nature and ultimately from entropic death.

From the violated and the violator emerges a third entity, new man, new consciousness, imagination (imagination is God - Blake).

The active and dynamic party is the violator.

The violator cannot help his actions.

Love is blind.

There is also a divine principle at work …he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. (1 John 4:16)

The Seraphim are not distinct from God, so must occupy innocents to awaken men.

Whoever is a Seraph, that is a lover, is in God and God is in him; even, it maybe said, God and he are one. (Oration on the Dignity of Man, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola)

Only the highest orders of angels enjoy the immediate gaze of God and know the mystery of love.

An angel occupied your body and spoke to me… touched me… and drew me towards the Divinity. (The Seraphim)

After the union, the violated and violator lay spent and discarded.

What emerges from the egg? Not a new being, but rather being out of non-being. The violator violated.

The paradox is this.

The violator, now conscious, was the violated party.

But is not the unremitting cycle to be consciously broken?

© John Dunn.

Before the beginning

Friday, 29 July 2022 at 20:32

Renaissance art excelling on Dr John Dunn. The Resurrection by Pierra della Francesco

Death, resurrection and cosmic Beginning

Dr John Dunn 2022

In a strange sense, there is actually something before the Beginning.

It is without form, and void, and dark.

It is all sameness and oneness.

There is something before the Beginning, and that something is death.

It is this that links the cosmic Beginning, which is a metaphor for the personal Beginning, with death and resurrection.

Before the beginning

In the beginning does not come first.

What came first was without form, and void, and dark.

Ananke came first, the One, the forever, the undisturbed, the inevitable.

In the beginning was love.

Love as the ‘originating Principle’ can have no presupposition.

Love can strike at any time.

Love has the power of creation.

Love has the power of imagination.
When William Blake claimed that the imagination is God, he was rejecting God as a presuppositional object of idolatry, locating the Divine instead in the mind of man.

…he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. (1 John 4:16)

I have added below an extract from my Child of Encounter:

Śūnyatā,nothing,voidor emptiness, the starting point, the nature of the Supreme Consciousness or Shiva. Śūnya, the word for zero, the Bindu beyond one and many and beyond human intellect. Sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state, the point around which the cosmos is created, applied to the forehead. Śūnya, 0, the ultimate self- regulating system,the ultimate equilibrium. Even its symbol a circle is closed, admittingof no intervention. Yet an intervention was made, a breaking open of the circle. What was capable of a spontaneous act of such creativity, such immense childish frivolity?

© John Dunn.

A Vision of Beulah

Thursday, 28 July 2022 at 21:46

Urizen at his net on Dr John Dunn. ...and Urizen casts his net (William Blake)

In the Beginning is Love

Dr John Dunn 2022

The Originatory Principle, as I have termed it, is Love. In the Beginning is the Word, i.e. Logos, Love. God is Love.

So does evil originate after the Beginning?

No.Evil is a carry-over from what was before the Beginning, i.e. the Realm of Ananke, the interminable equilibrium, the uninterrupted cycle of destiny.

Ananke’s Realm was all sameness, all oneness, where there was no mind to confirm upon this one entity the status of being. For what is it to be? ‘To be’ is to be distinguished as one thing from another. To be is the ‘that is’ of the observer's mind.

In an infinite Cosmos before Love, there was no ‘that is’, there would be no ‘be’ing.

Where there is no being, there is void, no-thing; there is 0. Without Love, 1=0.

The carry-over from before the Beginning is evil.

The forces of evil work to return to all sameness, all oneness, to 0, nothing, non-being, death.

Amongst the anti-Love there can only be self-hatred.

A Vision of Beulah

And Ananke created Urizen to distract the innocents away from the eternal God,

And Urizen’s jealousy of mankind brought forth self-hatred in himself, which in turn brought forth his vengeful hatred of Eros,

And the children of Urizen inherited this self-hatred, which in turn festered their vengeful hatred of Logos, God, the Word, the Cosmic Jesus, living thought, creativity and Love,

And after murdering Love, they sought to drag mankind down into the innocence of Beulah, a place of dumb idiocy, where all is commodity, everything has its price, and all have equal rights,

And in Beulah the differences of social status were defined by money, in a world where money makes more money,

And diversity and difference were expunged by reducing status and the measure of human estimation to that which is easily calculable,

And money turned desire for gain into the sole motive, outweighing all other motives, because the effort it demands of the mind is so very much less; nothing being so clear and so simple as a row of figures,

And out of self-hatred and vengeful hatred, the children of Urizen reduced the innocents to a parody of themselves,

And creativity died.

And Urizen cast the net of debt over all.

© John Dunn.

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