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Vivifying sun

Saturday, 4 February 2023 at 21:34

Sun flag on Dr John Dunn. It is the thinking that rises… like a dawning sun rises. Such thinking has within it all the wisdom and, therefore, all the love, for which it can give itself as incorporeal warmth to the other beings and flow into the world. Being one with pure willing and with pure feeling, it is the only force that can operate as love. No hatred, or pain, or fear can exist before it. Its presence does not imply a struggle. It is everything. (Massimo Scaligero)

Vivifying sun

The living movement of my thinking has no limit of space and time or external boundaries.

In conceiving the universal I conceive myself as the reality itself.

Nothing in the living movement of my thinking is expelled to fall outside, inert and brute.

Outside there remains only the darkness inhabited by the children of Satan, the world of the material and graspable, where the innocents of Beulah are held in thrall.

It is the dark shadow that must be extinguished by the vivifying sun.

© John Dunn.

Collaborationists all

Friday, 3 February 2023 at 20:06

Idols worshipped wrongly on Dr John Dunn. The truth of science is real, but it ignores the thinking that fills it with reality.For this reason, it does not go beyond appearance. (Massimo Scaligero)

Collaborationists all

Religion, art and science are complicit in acts of idolatry and mysticism

They serve the Children of Satan by objectivising God, and distancing the Originatory Principle, Love, from man.

Art is abstract subjectivism

The artist only expresses his own world in his art. When he returns from art to life, he feel as though he returns to a reality different from that of his own fantasies.

The artist’s life is nothing

It is a subjective free creation detached from the real, a creation in which the subject himself is realised and enchained. He posits himself in his immediate abstract subjectivity; and an abstraction is nothing.

Religion is the antithesis of art

Art is the exaltation of the subject released from the chains of the 'real'. Religion is the exaltation of the object, released from the chains of the mind.

Religion is abstract objectivism

The object of worship is in abstract opposition to knowing. By that opposition knowing is excluded from reality, and the object of worship is therefore unknowable, only affirmable mystically as the dependence of the subject upon the object. In presupposing its object, religion is always idolatrous.

Science is a religion

Science presupposes its object and is inherently idolatrous. Science arises from the presupposition that the object exists before it is thought, and independently altogether of being known.

© John Dunn.

History, eternal, always

Thursday, 2 February 2023 at 21:07

Flowing change on Dr John Dunn. My thinking: never the same river twice

History, eternal, always

History for me is concrete and eternal.

Time is for me the living movement of my thinking mind.

History abstracted from the living movement of my thinking has no value to me.

All history belongs to me as I am thinking. It cannot be grasped in any thought frozen in isolation.

The choice, order and disposition of the raw facts are the process of my thinking.

Facts and ordering are two terms in the living movement of my thinking, rather than petrified thoughts external to my thinking.

The facts of history, standing as isolated abstractions, have no being. They can only be the living movement of my thinking, which is not in my past, nor in my present which will be past, since it is the life, the very reality of my mind, the centre from which all time radiates, whether it be past or future.

History is only concrete in the eternal act of my thinking.

© John Dunn.

Following the old road

Wednesday, 1 February 2023 at 20:53

Route gone by on Dr John Dunn. The old turnpike in Denton's pre-bypass days c.1920s

Following the old road

Northampton and Cold Brayfield Turnpike (1827 to 1880), today's A428

The final version of the commentary I have made about this old road is now available on my blog site Iter Britanniarum.

I propose to produce a YouTube video about the turnpike, dwelling a little on the elements of the original 1827 turnpike route which are very likely to be overlooked by travellers today.

I suppose the underlying objective is to show that, more often than not, an old road is shot thought with history, making each and every journey as archaeological as you might want to make it.

The Northampton and Cold Brayfield turnpike road starts in Derngate in central Northampton, follows an unclassified road to the town’s inner ring road, then today’s A428 Bedford Road through Yardley Hastings to end at the junction with the B565 from Newort Pagnell 1/4 mile west of Cold Brayfield. Exceptions to this route are at Little Houghton, Denton and Yardley Hastings, all in Northamptonshire, where the A428 now bypasses the villages but the turnpike road went through them.

© John Dunn.

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