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This is the I

Wednesday, 8 February 2023 at 20:22

Aim for the sky on Dr John Dunn. Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, THE SUN IS PASSING THE SIGN OF SAGITTARIUS 1906-7

Shoot down the albatross of necessity and abandon the ship of fools (Child of Encounter, 2019)

Not having fallen into reflectivity, thought is light, or life, still imperceptible to the “I” that is satisfied with reflection that it regards as being. As the “I”, it cannot live withing this reflection. But this rising up again of thought as light, or life, or the light of life, demands to be willed, willed with determination - provoked ascetically. (Massimo Scaligero)

This is the I

Alone my mind, and all that is, is real

I am inconceivable as something anterior to and separate from the consciousness in which I am the object.

I know myself as both subject and object.

This is the I.

It is my spiritual reality.

It is the identity of myself with myself.

I duplicate myself as self and other, and find myself in the other.

To be self without the other would mean not even to be myself, because I only am in so far as the other is.

Nor would the other be would it not itself be other, because the other is only conceivable as identical with me as the subject.

In affirming reality, that which I affirm confronts me in the affirmation.

© John Dunn.

Eros proclaims:

Sunday, 5 February 2023 at 17:52

Eros exclaims on Dr John Dunn. The ultimate purpose of thought’s transcendence, gathered up in its everyday immanence, is to reveal its power to resolve instincts, to transform evil into good, to dissolve the darkness of the human psyche, so as to again become light. After all, it is the power of love, which can be recognised as the incarnating of thought’s transcendence, as the Logos incarnating. (Massimo Scaligero)

Eros stands above the darkness, as the vivifying sun begins its daily journey, and addresses the children of Satan.

Eros proclaims:

You are the root of all evil.

You conceive the world as other than yourself who conceive it, and the necessity of that concept is a pure logical necessity because it is abstract. You observe the world and its moral necessities as though it did not concern you. You proclaim your unhuman mantra - 'freedom is the recognition of necessity'.

But I conceive the world (as you should and at bottom perhaps always do conceive it) as my own reality, there being no other, a self-possessed reality. Unlike you, I cannot suppose the world outside the necessity of my concept as though moral law did not concern me.

The rationality of my concept appears to me as my own law, as duty. What else indeed is duty but the unity of the law of my own doing with the law of the universe?

And what else is your immorality, with eyes only for your own interest, if it be not the separation you make between yourself and the world, between its law and your law?

The formation of the moral consciousness, must mean also deepening of the spiritual meaning of life, a greater realising of reality as self-conceived.

You inhabit the dark recesses of my psyche, the darkness that will soon be extinguished by the vivifying sun.

© John Dunn.

Thus Eros Spake

Sunday, 5 February 2023 at 17:40

Phanes on Dr John Dunn. “Man is a dynamic unity or dialectic of the finite and the infinite, but mediately.”

“In man, the finite and particular is universalised and made infinite and the universal and the infinite become incarnate in the finite.”

(Uno Spirito)

Thus Eros spake

If I believed that I had been dropped at birth into a ready-made world, evil would be inconceivable.

But that would be to conceive of my mind as though it were one aspect of the world amongst many, as though it were a stone is a stone or two is two.

But my mind is not like that; it has differences within it.

My mind without difference within it would not be god-like or human; it would belong to some sub-human entity that has no capacity to think.

What else is evil but the contrary to the gain that I seek for myself?

My mind's not-being is the evil that must be extinguished.

As I am thinking I am doing, bringing to life that which is not yet being.

Itis in that which is not yet being, i.e. non-being, the realm of Ananke into which angels have fallen, that my mind seeks fulfilment, in that which is dead, inert and unawakened, not yet brought to life.

The need to violate Ananke is the driving force of my being.

Before the Beginning there was non-being, after the Beginning there is everything. This is the Creation; and it is always and evermore shall be.

(This is the guiding force of Scaligero on political action etc)

My mind always confronts itself as its own negation. There is no respite from Ananke, who spurs me on from task to task, the providential pain goading me on to penetrate non-being as the condition of my being.

I am always the error (non-being) opposed to the true (the Beginning) which is the Creation.

Evil is at the heart of my reality because the Creation must always move beyond non-being.

Evil is not a fixed reality opposed to a static mind.

Evil is always there, but metamorphosing, driving me forward to be.

Evil is non-being that I must and will determine to be.

© John Dunn.

Erased from the landscape

Sunday, 5 February 2023 at 17:21

All that's left on Dr John Dunn. All that remains of Chesterton (early 1900s)

I motorcycle through the English countryside seeking out the many old, historical and quirky aspects of the land as I do so. I like to record what I see, and this I publish on my YouTube channel.

Riding in Warwickshire, the great Chesterton Windmill could not help but catch my eye. This I visited, but before I did, I rode along to the place name on the map that gave its name to the landmark.

What follows are preliminary thoughts towards an eventual commentary to my next video production.

Erased from the landscape

I’m riding to the place that gave its name to the great windmill that overlooks the Roman Fosse Way in Warwickshire, and that place is Chesterton, a mile or so down the lane from the windmill.

Seeking out historical places of interest in the landscape has given me wonderful motorcycling opportunities over the years… roads and little lanes like this, through a variety of landscapes that bear the scars, marks and imprints of those that have trodden, worked and fought on the land before us. I also think that any excursion, whether it be by motorcycle, car, bicycle or on foot, is always enhance by having an object, or goal in mind. I could take no pleasure in riding around just for the sake of it. I never take exercise, but I would walk miles if I thought there were something interesting to see… the historical, the quirky, the monumental.

Chesterton as it remains to this day

Well here I am at Chesterton; and what does Chesterton consist of? Only this church and a neighbouring house. The village is no more; the settlement here, certainly since Roman times and probably before, is no more, the dwellings erased from the landscape. Even the old manor house is long gone. The only evidence for this place at one time being of some significance is the medieval church over there, and the house next to it.

Where did all the people go, you might be asking. I don’t know for certain, though there is some evidence in the name of a nearby farm, Ewefields Farm. It is highly likely that the lord of the manor here kicked the peasants off the land, enclosed the fields, and introduced sheep.

© John Dunn.

Vivifying sun

Saturday, 4 February 2023 at 21:34

Sun flag on Dr John Dunn. It is the thinking that rises… like a dawning sun rises. Such thinking has within it all the wisdom and, therefore, all the love, for which it can give itself as incorporeal warmth to the other beings and flow into the world. Being one with pure willing and with pure feeling, it is the only force that can operate as love. No hatred, or pain, or fear can exist before it. Its presence does not imply a struggle. It is everything. (Massimo Scaligero)

Vivifying sun

The living movement of my thinking has no limit of space and time or external boundaries.

In conceiving the universal I conceive myself as the reality itself.

Nothing in the living movement of my thinking is expelled to fall outside, inert and brute.

Outside there remains only the darkness inhabited by the children of Satan, the world of the material and graspable, where the innocents of Beulah are held in thrall.

It is the dark shadow that must be extinguished by the vivifying sun.

© John Dunn.

Collaborationists all

Friday, 3 February 2023 at 20:06

Idols worshipped wrongly on Dr John Dunn. The truth of science is real, but it ignores the thinking that fills it with reality.For this reason, it does not go beyond appearance. (Massimo Scaligero)

Collaborationists all

Religion, art and science are complicit in acts of idolatry and mysticism

They serve the Children of Satan by objectivising God, and distancing the Originatory Principle, Love, from man.

Art is abstract subjectivism

The artist only expresses his own world in his art. When he returns from art to life, he feel as though he returns to a reality different from that of his own fantasies.

The artist’s life is nothing

It is a subjective free creation detached from the real, a creation in which the subject himself is realised and enchained. He posits himself in his immediate abstract subjectivity; and an abstraction is nothing.

Religion is the antithesis of art

Art is the exaltation of the subject released from the chains of the 'real'. Religion is the exaltation of the object, released from the chains of the mind.

Religion is abstract objectivism

The object of worship is in abstract opposition to knowing. By that opposition knowing is excluded from reality, and the object of worship is therefore unknowable, only affirmable mystically as the dependence of the subject upon the object. In presupposing its object, religion is always idolatrous.

Science is a religion

Science presupposes its object and is inherently idolatrous. Science arises from the presupposition that the object exists before it is thought, and independently altogether of being known.

© John Dunn.

History, eternal, always

Thursday, 2 February 2023 at 21:07

Flowing change on Dr John Dunn. My thinking: never the same river twice

History, eternal, always

History for me is concrete and eternal.

Time is for me the living movement of my thinking mind.

History abstracted from the living movement of my thinking has no value to me.

All history belongs to me as I am thinking. It cannot be grasped in any thought frozen in isolation.

The choice, order and disposition of the raw facts are the process of my thinking.

Facts and ordering are two terms in the living movement of my thinking, rather than petrified thoughts external to my thinking.

The facts of history, standing as isolated abstractions, have no being. They can only be the living movement of my thinking, which is not in my past, nor in my present which will be past, since it is the life, the very reality of my mind, the centre from which all time radiates, whether it be past or future.

History is only concrete in the eternal act of my thinking.

© John Dunn.

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