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Reality is the Becoming

Thursday, 2 March 2023 at 20:26

History head on Dr John Dunn. We cannot truly claim that we know by cognising only what has already been thought. We do not really possess knowing, but the known, devoid of the inner moment by virtue of which it is knowledge. Thinking must first be thought. It must fall into reflectivity in order for us to know it. Yet, once known,it ceases to be knowledge. (Massimo Scaligero)

Reality is the Becoming

The otherness of history and of nature is no other than the objectivity of me to myself.

Nature and history are, in so far as they are my creation. I find them within myself, and produce them in the eternal process of my Becoming.

Reality is true reality, in the most literal and unambiguous sense, in being the subject itself, the “I”.

I am not self-consciousness except as a consciousness of myself. The reality of my self-consciousness is in my consciousness, and the reality of my consciousness in my self-consciousness.

My consciousness of my self-consciousness is my own reality, it is the living process of my thinking, which is the Becoming.

My intellect grows with what I know. It does not increase by acquiring qualities and preserving them without any further need of activity, but it is realised, with that increase, in a new knowing.

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