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Absolute autonomy not to be traded for religionism or rationalism

Monday, 1 April 2024 at 21:19

Headroom on Dr John Dunn. Absolute autonomy not to be traded for religionism or rationalism

My thinking does not repeat the ready-made, nor does my thinking have the logic of the ready-made. Instead, my thinking is the perpetual Beginningof creation. The Creation continues as my living thinking, which is transcendent and is made possible by my absolute autonomy.

I distinguish myself from all religionists and mystics, who believe in a thinking process which presupposes an object already realised before the process itself begins. The mind for them creates nothing, does nothing,merely contemplates existence, as a passive and indolent spectator.

The few creative greats that shun the contemplative life of the religionists and rationalists are themselves turned into objects of contemplation by the dumb masses, and objects of profit by the makers ofmoney by money.

Religionists are the same as rationalists. One may try to think of the mind in warm and fuzzy terms of seeking and searching, the other as a cold and calculating intellect, but they fail,because thinking must be transcendent, and freedom is impossible where the mind as the perpetual Beginning is not absolute. Hence religionism falls back on concepts of fate, surrender, worship and the like, whilst rationalism takes solace in never-ending observation.

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