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Oxford to Cambridge videoed

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 at 21:49

Royal Enfield at St Giles on Dr John Dunn. Royal Enfield parked in Oxford at the start of the video project

Oxford to Cambridge videoed

...and so the Oxford to Cambridge Arc Project moves to its next stage, which will be a video study, principally from my motorcycle, of the various route options as published on maps and itineraries by:

John Ogilby, Britannia Atlas, 1675.

Owen Bowen revisions to Ogilby 1720

Senex revisions to Ogilby 1780

Herman Moll, England and Wales, 1710

John Cary, New Itinerary, 1815 & 1819

Daniel Paterson, Paterson’s Roads, 18th Edition, 1826.

The starting point for this stage of the project was St Giles in Oxford. Here are clips from the video taken in early August 2021.

St John's College

Eagle and Child pub, of Inklings fame.

Looking northwards from St Giles, the divergence in the ways ahead is as clear as it has always been from time immemorial.

The fork in the road northwards from St Giles.

To the left is the road to Chipping Norton, Stratford upon Avon and beyond to Birmingham. Turnpiked in 1719, it was later designated as the A34 and now the A4144.

The road that concerns us however is the one that forks right, heading towards Banbury, indeed it is called Banbury Road. The Oxford end was turnpiked in 1755 by the Kidlington and Deddingdton Turnpike Trust, later to be designated as the A423 and now the A4165. It was by this road that all our principle map and itinerary makers made their exit from Oxford.