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Inner spring

Monday, 28 February 2022 at 10:47

Vico on Dr John Dunn. Vico’s motto was - ‘humanity is its own creation’.

Inner spring

If I believed in a reality already realised, evil would be inconceivable.

But my mind cannot be understood in that way.

My mind is not to be understood as though there were no difference within it, as though it were a stone is a stone or two is two. A mind without difference within it would not be human; it would belong to some sub-human entity that has no capacity to think.

What else is pain but the contrary to the gain that I seek for myself.

My mind's not-being,— that is what is painful.

In so far as I thinks I am doing, achieving that which is not yet being, i.e. non-being.

So that it is in non-being that my mind fulfils its real nature, in so faras this is not already realised and is in process of realisation.

My mind finds itself always confronting itself as its own negation.

Herein lies the providential pain which spurs me on from task to task, the inner spring by which my mind lives on condition of progressing.

My life is a process of self-creation which has as its essential moment its own negation, the error opposed to the true.

So there is error at the heart of my reality because my self-creation requires error as a position now passed and discounted.

Error only is error in so far as I have already overcome it, in other words, in so far as it is my own concept's non-being.

I think not of error as a fixed reality opposed to a static mind, but rather as something to be looked back upon as a moment in the realisation of my mind.

It has to be said at this point that minds locked into a fixed position are not to be considered as human. They are to be forgiven, for they know not what they do.

John Dunn 2022

© John Dunn.


Sunday, 27 February 2022 at 10:58

End and beginning in one on Dr John Dunn. Resolved

I withdraw from my mind every limit of space and time and every external condition.

History is not the presupposition of my present spiritual activity but its reality and concreteness, the basis of its absolute freedom.

In conceiving the universal I conceive myself as the reality itself.

I know that science has not risen from reality as nature to a complete grasp of the concept of reality as mind, where matter is resolved into form.

Matter and form are the Alpha and Omega as activity, a circle whose end is its beginning.

Form, as absolute, has not matter confronting it.

Form is activity which produces nothing which it expels from itself and leaves outside, inert and brute.

This is the guiding thread which will lead me out of the labyrinth in which I have striven, yet failed to touch anything real outside myself, and always finding myself at grips with evil (pain, error, sin), nature. The thread must not break in my hands.

John Dunn 2022

© John Dunn.

All are complicit

Saturday, 26 February 2022 at 11:02

Easter Island figures on Dr John Dunn. Art, religion, science?

All are complicit

I have no respect for artists

They only express their own world in their art. When they return from art to life, they feel as though they return to a reality different from that of their own fantasies.

The artist’s life is nothing

It is a subjective free creation detached from the real, a creation in which the subject himself is realised and enchained. He posits himself in his immediate abstract subjectivity; and an abstraction is nothing.

Religion is the antithesis of art

Art is the exaltation of the subject released from the chains of the 'real'. Religion is the exaltation of the object, released from the chains of the mind.

Religion’s abstract objectivism

The object in its abstract opposition to knowing is the 'real'. By that opposition knowing is excluded from reality, and the object is therefore unknowable, only affirmable mystically as the immediate adhesion of the subject to the object. In presupposing its object, religion is idolatrous.

Science is religion

Science presupposes its object and is inherently idolatrous. The science arises from the presupposition that the object exists before it is thought, and independently altogether of being known.

John Dunn 2022

© John Dunn.

Love: the first principle

Friday, 25 February 2022 at 20:55

Bayes' Ananke on Dr John Dunn. Ananke by Gilbert Bayes

Love: the first principle

The latest blog to be transferred to the archive is entitled:


It is all building to a developmental sequence that I have analogised most recently as the turning helix (see recent blogs).

My Mythology’s Ananke, symbol of undifferentiated Oneness, equilibrium, the endless repeating cycle and entropic death, is Evil’s closest ally.

The champion of violation is Eros, but why? Why is Love so drawn to Evil?

Why is the urge to violate the daughters of Ananke so irresistible to Eros, the son of Love?

It is because the urge to create is the defining aspect of man, just as it is the defining aspect of Love, the first Creator.

Eros is driven to break the daughters of Ananke and end the repeating cycle of the ages.

Man is driven to penetrate the still darkness of the cave and paint on the walls.

John Dunn 2022

© John Dunn.

Thus Spake

Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 21:30

The old imposter on Dr John Dunn. Blake's Urizen

Transferred to the Archive: Thus Spake

Contrived,of course, from Nietzsche's great work, I am evolving my own mythology, utilising, in addition to the German philosopher, the work of William Blake. His Urizen, a Jehovian demiurge, draws the worship of the masses through the falsehood that he is the Creator, the true God, when all thetime he is merely the shuffler of the ready-made. This means the people are worshipping a falsehood. Blake goes so far as to imply that they are engaged in devil worship.

As my Mythology grows and heads towards eventual publication, I will decide whether of not to continue to borrow the words of Nietzsche, Blake and others, or apply my own

The following was first published as a Blog; it has now been transferred into the Archive.

John Dunn 2022

© John Dunn.

Victory of Love

Wednesday, 23 February 2022 at 21:45

Urizen back again on Dr John Dunn. Urizen, his children, and death

Victory of Love

Before the beginning - the unviolated equilibrium of 0.



Time and all multiplicity were the actuality of my mind

There was not a space which contained my mind.

My mother’s prayer

My father’s arms




Pushed,I fell amongst the fallen angels and set to acquire knowledge by the anti-Love, the children of Satan and their agents, those lost innocent agents.

The anti-Love

They that dwelleth without love, what are they?

The anti-Love; the masonry of hate; the children of Urizen.

Root them out, pleads Eros to the Innocents, root them out,

They hide amongst you, root them out.

Objects, no longer an act of my mind, fell outside my mind, like Lucifers.

Iwas pressed into idolatry, worship of a presupposed god-apart, the abstract god, Nietzshe’s dead god, Jehovianism and its materialist counterpart.

They were not the light, but they bore witness of the light to come.

These were the encounters, the precursors, and they culminated in Love.

I was awoken to being, the living God, Love

The light was Love and walked again on Earth.

Love faced down the anti-Love and was crucified.



Love faces down the recrudescence of the anti-Love.

There is not a space which contains my mind.

Beginning, forever and ever, always.
John Dunn 2022

© John Dunn.

History, now, always

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 at 21:07

The time within on Dr John Dunn.

History, now, always

History for me is ideal and eternal.

Time is for me the actuality of my mind.

History abstracted from my present cognition has no value to me.

All history belongs to me, now.

The choice, order and disposition of the raw facts are one as the process of my mind.

Facts and ordering are two terms in the actuality of my thinking, rather than external to my thinking.

The facts of history, standing as isolated abstractions, have no being.

I think them and they can only be the act, the unique act, of my mind, which is not in my past, nor in my present which will be past, since it is the life, the very reality of my thought, the centre from which all time radiates, whether it be past or future.

History is only concrete in the eternal act of my thinking.
John Dunn 2022

© John Dunn.
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