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The complacent ones hear Eros

Monday, 28 November 2022 at 18:55

Cupid on Dr John Dunn. Eros takes aim

The complacent ones hear Eros

The text below follows a question posed to Eros

“But Eros”, someone questioned from the crowd, half-mockingly, half-interested in his response, “how do we remove the idol that stands between us and heaven?”
Eros gives his answer and then calls out…

Let it be remembered, “I have only metaphors to offer”.

I answered the question in a religious context, but it applies all of you, the non-religious included.

Do not consider yourself to be above all this apparent religious nonsense simply because you are a materialist, a realist, a so-called humanist (a corrupted term if ever there was one) and a believer in the science. You are as idolatrous as the rest of them. You worship the god apart just as much as anyone else, but even more so. The form Urizen takes to you is the world of ready-made hard reality into which you were born or,rather, think you were born. Remember what I have said oh complacent ones, smug ones, happy ones, dismissive ones, unthinking ones, dumb ones, the reality before which you bow and scrape and grovel is a chimera

Have I not already said that yours is a world of petrified thought.

The original power of your thought is lost, and reflected back as an entity in its own right.

The world you see around you is an idol, a false god. Your whole life is spent, (meaning lost and wasted), worshipping a graven image.

Pull down thy vanity.

Cease worshipping death I tell you.

Pull down thy vanity, I say pull down.

© John Dunn.

On to the stage steps Urizen

Sunday, 27 November 2022 at 17:40

The in-betweener on Dr John Dunn. Your everything in his net, the false idol hauls in the catch

On to the stage steps Urizen

Heed my words oh lost ones, lest thee be forever blind.

Yours is a world of petrified thought.

The original power of your thought is lost, and reflected back as an entity in its own right.

The world you see around you is an idol, a false god. Your whole life is spent worshipping a graven image

This reflected entity is dead matter, the product of dead thinking, garbed in the symbology of death.

This reflected entity will remain a symbol of entropic death until it is de-crystalised and re-infused with living thinking.

To think that matter moves or evolves is superstition, blunder, and obscure faith. In truth, matter opposes movement.

Until matter’s resistance is overcome, then our relationship to it will be one of worshipper to idol. We will continue to make a mythical entity out of matter.

Matter exists only where it is perceived and not beyond.

It does not have an inner shaping power of its own; it remains indiscriminate until shaped by thought; and yet we repeatedly succumb tothe superstition of matter, some more than others, some so totally that they remain an object to be shaped by others, for exploitation and debt burden.

What is the inner shaping power that matter does not possess? It is the experience of the living content of perception which allows man to know the secret of the three dimensions.

This ‘living content’ is that aspect of perception that shapes the world in which we live, but is lost at the moment it is thought, leaving a world reflected back to us that we believe is shaped materially even before we enter into it. This is the idolatrous faith in matter promoted by Urizen.

What do you mean Eros? We know the world in which we live. We negotiate it daily. We avoid its hard and sharp surfaces and the harm they may do to the soft machines that are our material bodies; but we also mine it, bend it, shape it to our will; we eat it! What are you saying Eros; that it’s some sort of mirage?

It might be simplified as follows:

Of the dimensions, only one is sensory, the other two are internal.

The internal dimensions are suprasensory and constitute the living content of the first.

The point is that without the living content of thought, perception would be one-dimensional, experiencing the world notionally, somehow, as line only, if there could ever be such a thing as a one-dimensional world. Such one-dimensionality is that symbolised by Ananke’s realm, infinite and undisturbed, where 1=0, until violated by man.

Volume and spaciality, the shaping of the world out of its one-dimensionalitiy, are given to the world by us, by our living thought. We shape the world in away unknown to us.

The point is that unless you wake up to the shaping power you possess, others will shape the world for you; what is more, they will present it back to you as a fait acompli, something given, presupposed and pre-made, into which you are thrown at birth; and to whose parameters you must comply.

The reflected entity, the product of dead thought, your own shaping thought ripped apart from you,is presented back to you as something apart; and in your day-to-day lives you worship it.

You worship a world apart, a heaven apart.

You worship everything apart from you as though it had its own living existence.

And that everything apart from you is the false god, or rather the idol offered up to the dumb masses by those who would have you return to the oneness of Ananke’s realm.

That idol stands between you and heaven.

That idol is Urizen.

Thus spake Eros

© John Dunn.


Saturday, 26 November 2022 at 20:04

Bird home on Dr John Dunn Block of flats just for pigeons

You are with me on the next stage of my short day-tour of the Severn Flood Plain, and various nearby places in Worcestershire and Herefordshire. I videoed my experiences of touring by motorcycle with a view to eventually publishing on my YouTube Channel. I hope to have this video up and running in the next couple of weeks or so. You have on this home page my notes for the YouTube commentary, many of which will eventually be discarded! I will announce publication on this website, in the meantime you may wish to look at the other videos on my YouTube video channel


I’ve followed the River Salwarpe down to the Severn, taking a circuitous route to get across the Salwarpe and its companion, the Droitwich Canal. I’m on my way to see an ancient building, small, but perfectly formed.

It is the last remnant of a former medieval monastic grange, a curious crooked dovecote which sits prettily in the Worcestershire countryside.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the richest people across Britain built beautiful towers just for pigeons.

Known as dovecotes, pigeonniers, doocots, or colombiers, these buildings served as blocks of flats for hundreds of pigeons who were waiting to be eaten by members of the nobility. Early 20th-century pigeon expert Arthur Cooke estimated that by the 1650s, there were 26,000 dovecotes in England alone.

Picturesque dovecote, which has survived virtually unaltered since the late 16th century.

The dovecote is built to an unusual design with a weather boarded gable on each of its four sides, meeting in a central peak.

Hawford Dovecote is built on the site of an earlier medieval dovecote associated with the nearby Grange. The dovecote is constructed on stone foundations and is made of brick and timber-framing, with three rows of holes for birds to enter, protected by overlapping planks of wood.

From one quaint corner of rural Worcestershire, I’m now heading towards another.

© John Dunn.

Just pottering

Friday, 25 November 2022 at 21:18

Church on Dr John Dunn. St Michael and All Angels, Salwarpe

Just pottering

The next leg of my mini-tour by motorcycle of rural Worcestershire and a hilltop corner of Herefordshire. Videoed and due to be published on YouTube shortly. Subscribe to my video channel to stay informed of new videos.


This village is less than two miles south west of Droitwich, but in open country.

The village is situated between the Droitwich canal and the river Salwarpe.

I came here because it looked interesting on the map, sandwiched between river and canal.
St Michael and All Angels, is unusually large for a village now so small, but it reflects greater importance in past centuries. Parts of the church are Norman.

The Droitwich Canal here accompanies the River Salwarpe to join the River Severn at Hawford. It was built to carry salt, abandoned in 1939, but restored in 2010 for leisure use.

The official opening was in 1771 and it was a commercial success, until the coming of the railways. Whilst officially abandoned in 1939, the last boat to actually use the canal was pulled along in 1916.

The plaque on the old school tells that it was established in 1607 and used until 1882.

The yew trees in the churchyard are of an immense age.

The old school and large church tell of a large agricultural community that once lived here, largely self-contained, with its own flour mill.

It is a short walk down the old main street to the river on the opposite side of the village to the canal. From the bridge you can see Mill House. Mill in name only though. The old mill stood in front of Mill House, on the river that turned its wheel; but that was demolished in 1942.

As I return along the old main street, I can sense what must have once been a bustling scene of community and rural life

Back to the bike now for the next leg of my mini-tour.

© John Dunn.

It is as I have told you

Thursday, 24 November 2022 at 21:27

Big disorder on Dr John Dunn. The one is chaos magnum

It is as I have told you

You now know that man is made in the image of the first violator

You ask: how can we be like the first violator? Was not Ananke violated? Was not that the beginning?

I remind you of my first words to you when I came down from the mountain: “I have only metaphors to offer”.

All will become clear to those who will listen.

Only you can be Love; only you the Beginning.

The embarrassment was tangible across the sea of faces, amidst muffled laughter, bridling and scoffing.
I told you! Nature does not exist unless man’s eyes fall upon her.

Until you awaken you only see Ananke’s realm; you exist in Ananke’s oneness; you are subsumed in her oneness.

And have I not established already that one = 0.

Unless you open your eyes you are nothing and there is no being.
But our eyes are open now. We see the world around us, plants, animals, people, friends, family. How can we be nothing and there be no being?
Your simple acceptance of what you see is idolatrous.

Matter has no living content of its own, yet your petty reality is to treat i tas though it does; you invest the world with magical powers.

Matter is dead and to worship it is to worship death.

Yours is the black religion that misleads the dumb masses into believing that the cosmos could exist without man.

© John Dunn.

Cosmic bifurcation

Monday, 21 November 2022 at 21:21

Flame alive on Dr John Dunn. Cosmic bifurcation

Moving forward once more with my cosmogony, I bump up against the great cosmic bifurcation that has recurred since the beginning of time, the war perpetual, that pitted St George against the dragon and St Michael against the devil.

Eros turned once more to the people and said:

The corrupted state is the pre-awakened state, a loveless state.

Ananke is undifferentiated Oneness, equilibrium, the endless repeating cycle and entropic death; Ananke is Evil.

In the Beginning is Love;

And Love arises to confront evil.

Before the Beginning: nothing
After the Beginning: everything

Does anything define the Creator better?

Nothing and everything, evil and good, here lies too the cosmic bifurcation as it has always existed, and will continue to exist for ever and ever.

In contrast to the corrupted state, the side of the good lives in a state of perpetual Love. The Zarathustrians know that the eternal flame of Love must be kept burning.

© John Dunn.

Stop for Tomkins

Sunday, 20 November 2022 at 18:20

No doubt, this is Thomas on Dr John Dunn. Stop for Tomkins.

I’m just preparing my next YouTube publication, which follows a brief motorcycling excursion I made in Worcestershire, just dipping too into Herefordshire, at the end of August, earlier in 2022.

The first place I visited on the tour, Martin Hussingtree, has a connection to a celebrated composer from the Civil War era, Thomas Tomkins.

Tomkins had duties under James I and Charles I as Organist at nearby Worcester Cathedral, but also at the Chapel Royal.

He is remembered as a composer of polyphonic choral music, beautiful Renaissance-style music that was carried over into the baroque era.

My personal favourite by Tomkins is “When David Heard of the death of Absalom”.

When the Civil War broke out, Worcester Cathedral was desecrated, damaged and closed. Tomkins’s own house in Worcester was also hit by cannon shot and rendered uninhabitable for a long time.

Having no official duties during the war, Tomkins had time to compose some of his finest keyboard and consort music for small ensembles of musicians.

When he died in 1656 he was buried at Martin Hussingtree, but no-one knows exactly where in the graveyard.

The Church of St Michael and All Angels is a Grade I listed building.

The west wall is probably of 12th century origin, but the remainder of the church was rebuilt in the early 13th century.

The nearby main road from Droitwich has meant that the village has always been well connected. Now the A38, the main road is well known as a Roman road, but it is in fact much older, being a salt way, along which salt from Droitwich has been distributed across the British Isles for thousands of years.

© John Dunn.

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