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The Logos presented by John Dunn as goal Dr John Dunn sought.

Logos aversion

Developing along the lines of argument in the previous blog, Massimo Scaligero once more turns to that moment of intuition that ‘has the possibility’ of arising independently of the object, as the true ‘I’, which is where, according to him, the pathway to esoteric truth lies. He is, however, once more concerned to point out how that pathway is lost before the first step is taken, which leads us to confront the object as something wholly apart from us and given.

In The Logos and the New Mysteries, Scaligero wrote that first moment of intuition, whilst full of potential for freedom:

  • becomes estranged, because it is arrested at the point of manifesting dialectically, by temporarily expressing itself according to the cerebral, neuropsychic, corporeal support.
  • does not know its own essence, because it becomes conscious according to the support, and it thinks the essence outside of itself. It sees the reality of the world, exterior and extraneous, powerful in its alterity, as though it had its foundation within itself, and affirmed its appearing in the form of matter.
Scaligero’s main point in the context of the book as a whole is that:
  • by eluding the ‘I’, the dynamis of the relation, as a moment of freedom, becomes automatism, instinctiveness, material vision, and aversion to the principle, to the Logos.
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From the archive: Death of the self

'Anti-entropic' and 'Smashing eggs' 'Anti-entropic' and 'Smashing eggs'
As the highest expression of the anti-entropic development of the universe man is capable of continuing the creative development of the universe insofar as he the living image of the first Creator.
John Dunn

'Smashing eggs'
To accept a system as closed, to accept freedom as necessity, is to withdraw into nature, to return to Mother Nature, to Ananke and an amorphous state of pre-Eros, pre-Love and pre-Being. Closed systems are the path to entropic death.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The would-be escapee must first win a personal battle to save the ‘I’ or all is lost - forever. This is the point of this book, a quest for the Grail of our times, the answer to the question - what is the I? (Child of Encounter) John Dunn

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 3 The Oxford to Cambridge Arc 3
Further additions to the project, starting with the Buckingham to Newport Pagnell leg of Ogilby's 1675 Oxford to Cambridge route.
John Dunn


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