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Humanism profaned

To embellish Marx’s words - all that was sacred about Renaissance humanism would be profaned.

Indeed, for the Marrano Sabbatai Zevi, Tikkun would take the form of outright profanity against accepted norms of behaviour.

Think of Spinozism as the Marxism of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


For the young Fichte of his student years and others of his generation, Spinozism was the radical philosophy with which to over-topple monarchist absolutism. Just like the Marxists a century later, having insight into the necessity behind the events to which others were blind permitted one to enter a ‘masonry’ of brother intellectuals, the future governors of the world.

To have history on one’s side was a thrilling source of intellectual strength, which also pandered to the arrogance of privileged minds.

All that stood between the people and the application of the demands of necessity was absolutist sovereignty. This was fated to fall at the hands of the French revolutionaries and Napoleon.

And the young Spinozist Fichte too was at the intellectual barricade, that is, until Sarpi’s ‘Republick of Merchants’ began to emerge from the clearing smoke.

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Transmogrified Spinozism Transmogrified Spinozism
The germ of tikkun was in Spinoza’s reworked Lurianic philosophy. The restoration of oligarchical rule was Ein Sof. After 1688, the predominant political philosophy of Britain and those regions of the globe under its influence would be transmogrified Spinozism.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: Nothing written for pay is worth printing. Only what has been written against the market. Ezra Pound

Death of the self Death of the self
Spinoza rejected orthodox Judaism for the pursuit of esoteric kabbalistic metaphors clothed in the exoteric form of rationalism. Sabbatai Zevi pursued another course, but towards the same ends in the rejection of rabbinical tradition.

As such, their ‘messianic’ roles were to lead mankind into the modern world.
John Dunn


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