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Artemis on Dr John Dunn.

…In Love

An Artemis of breasts aplenty,

Mother Earth, nourish us all.

The serpent in you tempts me

To pull on your bull-dugs and drain to empty,

Then bite the fruit that Eve gave to me,

That I might fall…

© John Dunn.
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Pictured, the Artemis of Ephesus

From the archive: Transmogrified Spinozism

Holy Fool Holy Fool
The Fool is the son of Isis who exclaimed "I am all that has been and is and shall be”. Isis is all - begetter and devourer. The Fool is the son of the god “I am”. He is the holder of the Word. Logos.
John Dunn

Just a thought: I looked over the still dark waters and saw you there - eternal, wild and infinite. John Dunn

Illusory manifestation Illusory manifestation
Being the messenger, Thoth is the transmitter of the Truth, the Logos; but manifestation is not the Truth or Logos. It is an illusion created by deftness of hand.
John Dunn


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