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Violation comes first

“In an infinite Cosmos without man, there would be no ‘that is’, there would be no ‘be’ing.” (1=0 See Blog)

“Where there is no being, there is void, no-thing; there is 0. Without man, 1=0.” (1=0 See Blog)

Nietzsche and Heidegger grappled with the issue, but remained necessitarians. They advocated an independent and freely chosen life, an amalgam of the aesthetic, frivolous, improvised and authentic, but failed to recognise that the forest had to be cleared first.

Violation comes first; the wilderness must be beaten back and equilibria overturned. For what is life? It is violation at all levels, from the human individual to the cosmic. Life must be actively chosen over 0.

The wilderness is never conquered. Admittedly Heidegger was wise to this. There is a natural and eternal tendency to return and ouroboros is the symbol. This return is the passive fatalism of a sub-humanity that obeys the tendency in its various iterations: Spinozism, Marxism, Kabbalah, and mind lost in the Heart of Darkness.

There can only be struggle against the wilderness, constant violation, if there is to be life. Struggle is life.

The global pandemic has taught us that nature is the enemy. There is no working with nature, man must work against it. Man must violate nature.

Fire and metaphors hold back entropy; the forest has to be burnt back. This applies hierarchically at a number of levels. First must come the awakening violation of the self through encounter and love.

Man enters the still darkness of the cave to paint on the walls and art is born - metaphor for the violation of the equilibrium of womanhood.

The Earth is violated for the stored fruits that it holds. Beyond Earth there must ultimately be a reaching out into space.

What will be the measure of success?

For the individual it will be how much he is distinguished from the herd.

For mankind as a whole it will be by how much we are distinguished from nature through art, architecture, feats of engineering and the active control and management of the Earth. The ultimate measure will be the density of the population made possible by man’s marshalling of the Earth’s resources to his own health and benefit.

Beyond that it will be by how far into space the mind of man has penetrated.

What of the Orphic egg metaphor? It has its chicken and egg limitations. Yes Eros broke free; but only after an egg itself was penetrated and fertilised.

A 1=0 equilibrium has to be violated from outside; there has to be an outsider.

In the Creation, the equilibrium of 0 was violated by God.

The equilibrium of the Garden was violated by the Devil

The equilibrium of Adam was violated by Eve.

The equilibrium of fallen man was violated by the Incarnation.

Man, in the image of the first Violator, is the proof of God.

© John Dunn.
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From the archive: Death of the self

'Love destruction', 'Violated', 'Outsider' and 'Siege mentality' 'Love destruction', 'Violated', 'Outsider' and 'Siege mentality'
'Love destruction'
To love is to be human, whereas the worshippers of the One reject Love for a soulless sub-human existence. See though their corrupting influence. The kabbalistic fable of exile and return is their tale, not ours. A return to time and necessity is death. The struggle against time and necessity is hope for Heaven and Love; and God is Love. The pro-life struggle against the death cult is ages-old and must continue so long as life clings on.
John Dunn

What of the Orphic egg metaphor? It has its chicken and egg limitations. Yes Eros broke free; but only after egg itself was penetrated and fertilised.
John Dunn

With metaphors man created the world, cut out a space from the forest, burnt down a clearing for himself, and started to distinguish one facet of the forest from the other, the wood from the trees, the tree from the wood, the falling tree from the other trees
John Dunn

'Siege mentality'
Love emparadised is something that imprisons, something stifling and claustrophobic, something complex and sometimes horrific. It needs a second awakening. Loss and unrequited love are where open airy uplands lie… across the lonely wuthering heights of heath and cliff.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The virus has taught us that nature is the enemy. There is no working with it, man must work against it. Man must violate nature. Violation is life. John Dunn.

Raj ghost Raj ghost
The ghosts of the British Raj can still be sensed in the Himalayan hill station of Shimla as a lingering nostalgic presence.
John Dunn


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