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Universalising ego

Mind is neither in space nor in time but space and time are in it. The actual is the eternal present. Mind is the creator of the universe.

Is this the answer to the question - What am I? It is certainly Giovanni Gentile’s answer.

Never was such an empowerment considered. In taking up his crown and mitre, even Dante did not have such universalising vision as this. Reality is not particularised by the particularised ego, reality is universalised by the universalising ego.

Do away with all presuppositions, argued Gentile, because the external character of a presupposition limits the very act of thinking or experience. ‘The measure of pure experience is not outside of it, but inside of it.’

Knowledge is not about reality but is reality. The world about us becomes ours by knowing it, which means creating it.

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Transmogrified Spinozism Transmogrified Spinozism
The germ of tikkun was in Spinoza’s reworked Lurianic philosophy. The restoration of oligarchical rule was Ein Sof. After 1688, the predominant political philosophy of Britain and those regions of the globe under its influence would be transmogrified Spinozism.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: The real trouble with war (modern war) is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people. Ezra Pound

Death of the self Death of the self
Spinoza rejected orthodox Judaism for the pursuit of esoteric kabbalistic metaphors clothed in the exoteric form of rationalism. Sabbatai Zevi pursued another course, but towards the same ends in the rejection of rabbinical tradition.

As such, their ‘messianic’ roles were to lead mankind into the modern world.
John Dunn


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