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Emperor on Dr John Dunn.

Constantine’s ‘invention’

And so began the Christian (or Messianic) era, the Jehovian terror, during which man has been enslaved to the very higher reality that Jesus preached against. And the whole panoply of Christian worship, the ritual, the liturgy, is only so much metaphor and allegory for man’s submission to hypostasis, or external reality per se. Constantine’s ‘invention’ of Christianity ushered in an era of super-exploitative ultra-feudalism, the beneficiaryof which was a tripartite alliance of the landed nobility, Jewish traders and Venetian banking dynasties that had common cause in extracting surplus value from a producer class held in thraldom to a Zeusian priesthood. This was the stasis of the pre-nation state era, a borderless Dark Age chaos of feuding warlords and trafficking in slaves,armaments and Oriental luxuries, fuelled by usurious loans, the repeated echoes of which can be felt in the globalised economy of today.The historical development to our own age was not seamless however.

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Spinozism as Marxism Spinozism as Marxism
The Romantic Movement was an emanation of the Promethean struggle for freedom against a mind-independent reality, ‘the struggle between good and evil the essential wheel in the working of things’, first articulated by Zarathustra.
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Quote every hour: Properly, we should read for power. Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one's hand. Ezra Pound

Humanism restored Humanism restored
Fichte contended that God is not dead Being before which man is passive, but rather pure action. In effect Fichte posited God as the moral world order, which humanity continually strives to realise here on earth.
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