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John Dunn original writing

The aspen tree that ispired Edward Thomas to compose Aspens on Dr John Dunn.


Taken from a published monograph from 2006,* about the poems of Edward Thomas.

Shake their leaves

Rarely, however, is this oneness with nature untroubled at some point. The Bridge is the exception that proves the rule, where, at a resting place between the past and future, Thomas lived for the ‘moment brief / Between two lives’. There are the notable instances also in poems about poetic composition, such as Words and Aspens, where he literally abandoned himself to words, being metaphorically passive as a ‘crack in a wall / Or a drain’ for words ‘To Whistle through’, or like aspens which ‘must shake their leaves’ when a wind of words blows.

*A Bleak by Honest Resolution: a personal reading of the poetry of Edward Thomas. There are previous extracts from this work to be read here.

© John Dunn.

From the archive: Were you one of the Seraphim?

Evola and right thinking Evola and right thinking
Freedom is a kind of transcendence. The higher self should transcend the lower self and the state should encourage this impulse. This is the transcendence that results from a rising up out of the vegetative ‘One life’.
John Dunn

Just a thought: Nietzsche confronted demons that are ages old, ‘the struggle between good and evil’ that is ‘the essential wheel in the working of things’. And he proclaimed the superman as the end goal of man’s internal struggle. In an act of ‘self-overcoming’, we must turn our animal instincts for cruelty against the creature in us, the animal soul. John Dunn, Child of Encounter

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc The Oxford to Cambridge Arc
I will follow these routes and others by map and by cycling and motorcycling along the roads to unearth the archaeology of this ancient Gough map and the later accretions that followed in its path.
John Dunn


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