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Trinity on Dr John Dunn.

fire meets with FIRE

The seeker of truth in love is given new life, as anyone who has been in love knows. All the old certainties are shattered. There is turmoil and pain to be sure, but there is expanded vision too. Nothing is seen in the same way ever again by anyone who has stepped into the wall of fire. Tomberg knew this. Union with the Divine is not the absorption of being by Divine Being, far from it:

…fire meets with FIRE, Then nothing is extinguished in the human personality but, on the contrary, everything is set ablaze. This is the experience of ‘legitimate twofoldness’ or the union of two separate substances in one sole essence.

Two separate substances and one sole essence = three. Know this and know why the God of love is revealed to human consciousness as the eternal Trinity - the Loving One who loves, the Loved One who loves, and their Love who loves them: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Consciousness is not lost. To be conscious is to be human. Encounter awakens consciousness and humanises. This is where the magic resides. Human consciousness is magic. Mind is magic in the sense that our consciousness as fully human beings cannot be subject to rational explanation.

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From the archive: ‘Truth’: a cruel, elaborate and stultifying fiction

Demolishing the house of being Demolishing the house of being
In the mould of Martin Luther, Heidegger may only have wanted to ‘stake out the positive possibilities’ of tradition, but he opened a Pandora’s Box in doing so. Derrida delved into the box and found a way of deconstructing the whole of tradition rather than revitalising it.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The neo-Malthusians view any increase in potential population density as a violation of the principle of entropy, i.e. contrary to the general tendency dictated by the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the entropy of an isolated system tends to increase. They do not acknowledge that man can overturn equilibria. John Dunn

Shunning idolatry Shunning idolatry
Nietzsche declared God to be dead, i.e. that God the idol is dead.

Perhaps the corollary of this is that God, the metaphorical concept associated in some way with the active creation of the cosmos, is very much alive as aesthetic life.
John Dunn


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