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John Dunn original writing

Hermann von Kaulbach painted Anto Bruckner on Dr John Dunn.

Anton Bruckner: a precursor

What went before; but a small sample

Dr John Dunn 2022.

A small blog transferred to the Archive, but an important one, and one that could do with further development and expansion. It gives a taste of the precursors.

It is about the catalysts to the awakening, variously this might be described as the beginning, or my awakening.

But these alone were not the light, but rather witnesses to the light. They contributed to bringing about what was to come, but as glimmers they were portents of the future.

Portents yes, important yes, but before the beginning, which is the critical point. In my own mythological terms each existed in the realm of Ananke, the cosmos of 1 = 0. (see One nothing)


“They were precursors to the light, not the light, but each bore witness of that light.”

John Dunn ©

From the archive: The Gospel of Mark for 'insiders' and 'outsiders'

'Violating 0', '1=0', 'New life v 0' and 'Violation comes first' 'Violating 0', '1=0', 'New life v 0' and 'Violation comes first'
'Violating 0'
For to break free is a coming to being, with the implication that not to break free is to exist in a state of non-being, or locked in the closed circle of 0.
John Dunn

Without man’s powers of distinction, i.e. the ability to distinguish one thing from another, there would be the polar-opposite of biodiversity, or any diversity for that matter; there would be a return to amorphous oneness; nature would be one viscous soup.
John Dunn

'New life v 0'
A race stands culturally distinct, or it is nothing. An individual emerges as a self or does not rise above the animals.
John Dunn

'Violation comes first'
Man, in the image of the first Violator, is the proof of God.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The slavery to needless consumption and unpayable debt was totally at odds with the original Renaissance-derived dream of the American founding fathers, which had the pursuit of happiness as its goal through personal freedom, social responsibility and the common good. Instead, happiness took the form of a manufactured consent, using the Freudian methods of Edward Bernays. (Renaissance: Counter-Renaissance) John Dunn

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc The Oxford to Cambridge Arc
I will follow these routes and others by map and by cycling and motorcycling along the roads to unearth the archaeology of this ancient Gough map and the later accretions that followed in its path.
John Dunn


Bike got me there on Dr John Dunn. Now published on YouTube.

Dr John Dunn 2022.

By Royal Enfield along quiet rural lanes to a medieval gem.

View here.

Exploring ancient churches is also a great way to discover the many lanes of rural England.

“That church was of course a treasure. But so too are the little lanes around here, tucked away apart from the main highways.”

“Why would I be riding along quiet rural lanes in the northernmost part of Bedfordshire to seek out an old church? Well you’ve seen the treasure that was that medieval building.”

“But the answer to the question is… chiefly for the ride... I’m riding here in March. We’re coming out of winter, and the day is bright and cold.”

“I’m wearing as many clothes as I can squeeze under my motorcycle gear, plus my heavy fur-lined gauntlets.”

“But just look at the vivid blue of that sky. I count myself lucky to be motorcycling on a day like this.”

Gentle motorcycle touring on a Royal Enfield Classic 500.

The historical, quirky and unusual features of the English countryside seen from the saddle are captured on video.

Join me as I follow maps, park up and take a look around.

"...I love riding these quiet country lanes - the type of road on which this Royal Enfield excels, with its low revving, low compression, long stroke engine just chugging away, able to pull even the lowest speeds on this type of road in its highest gear. It all makes for a very satisfying way to travel around when seeking out the historic, the unusual and the quirky points of interest from the English landscape."

Original commentary researched, written and read by John Dunn.

View here.

© John Dunn.

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