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I believe that this image captures the essence of the Cosmic Christ on Dr John Dunn.

Incarnation of the Logos is the Beginning preceded by death

I suppose the point of this re-issued blog (below) was to throw out the myths about mysticism. This in turn means ultimately the throwing out of Kabbalah and hermetic-alchemical symbols, yoga, occultism of all sorts and the like; throw them out! What are these things but varieties of materialism, and materialism will never lead us to incarnate the Logos, which is the task of our times.

The incarnation of the Logos is the Beginning, cosmically and individually; indeed the former is the metaphor representing the latter. Those who would murder the incarnated Logos will ultimately fail, as the Beginning is resurrected from the death that precedes the Beginning. Such is the turning point of the Cosmic Christ.

I may be digressing from the point made in the re-issued blog below, but with these thoughts, read on…

Dr John Dunn 2022

Encountered as Love

The reversal the ages-old petrification of thought entails allowing ourselves to bear the force of the Logos. As such, the goal of our timesis that of incarnating the Logos.

Feeling, the will and all things mystical must thrown out. The spiritual mystically revived through the help of the Kabbalah and hermetic-alchemical symbols, yoga, occultism, and magic do not escape the sphere of feeling that undergoes the captivity of reflected thought,which includes materialism.

Through Spinoza this mysticism entered the Enlightenment and infected mainstream thought with its obsessive return to the One, finding echoes too in the globalism of our day.

Operating behind the revivification of traditional spiritualism is the impulse to block the living experience of the Logos.

Kabbalah and other mysticisms are just as much a part of the reflected, ready-made world as anything materialistic or otherwise mundane to the apparently spiritual mind.

The conscious discovery of the thought that shapes our world, the thought that is lost almost at the moment of its inception, only to be reflected back to us as material reality, or Nature, is the discovery too of the Logos. It is the discovery of the Logos inside of the ‘I’.

The ‘I’ must be the centre of dominion and power, which is synonymous with creative power. To be at the centre of creation is to reject Urizen and become one with God.

The individuality of experience in a deification of the ‘I’, which is Logos incarnated and resurrected.

How is the conscious discovery made? What awakens the consciousness?

The Divine becomes human; the human connects with the Divine. Whoever treads the path of initiation knows, at a given moment on the path, that there is no initiation without a teacher; and a teacher there must be.

Connection with the Logos is an individual experience; but it is not something the individual will experience without external intervention. There must bean encounter. Christ is that guidance, but we must ensure that our understanding of the Christ phenomenon is fully expanded cosmically. This is certainly not the mystical, or gnostic, Christ or the Christ limited to a religion but, rather, the cosmic Christ, the metaphysical principle of absolute individuality and freedom - who we encounter as Love.

© John Dunn.

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Swinburne presents life as a violent symphony of meeting and killing, encounter and destruction of equilibria. Nature, chaos, is a virus.
John Dunn

Just a thought: The Calvinist doctrine, that ideological mainstay of the Dutch rebellion against Catholic Spain, was sympathetic to the lifting of the social prohibitions upon usury. Calvin himself is thought by many to have been of Jewish extraction, and Calvinist thought shared the Jewish assumption that wealth is a sign of God’s favour. Notwithstanding usury prohibition amongst gentiles, usury had been consistently engaged in by Jews under the Jehovian Terror. It had been essential to the extraction of social surplus from across Europe into the financial coffers of Venice and thus later into Amsterdam. Not surprisingly, usury was now back in favour. John Dunn (Renaissance: Counter-Renaissance)

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Further additions to the project, starting with the Gosford Bridge to Buckingham leg of Ogilby's 1675 Oxford to Cambridge route.
John Dunn


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