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'God is love' (1 John 4:8, 16).

And it all seems to turn on the mystery of Love, which is God.

This seems to mean that unless there is Love in the individual's own life, he cannot know God.

And I do not mean simply a shallow show of lurv for one another, I mean a real crushing life-changing experience of Love. Dante for one knew that Love belongs to the divine stratum and through one we can experience the other.

So, to look at this negatively, a life devoid of the experience of Love is devoid of God.

But we cannot just choose to love can we? Surely a real experience of Love comes through the chance encounter.

Yes, there is Eros certainly, the ground-shaking passion of one for another, always unconditional, often unrequited.

Where else might such unconditionality be found, where there are no defining criteria, where love remains with me as an individual and a mystery?

To accept the sending of the Son is to accept the Father.

Jesus refers to God intimately as the Father.

A Father’s love for his children is unconditional, whether they love him back or not.

Through Jesus we are presented with the Fatherly nature of God’s love for his children.

It would seem that the real experience of Love is there to be accepted or rejected.

© John Dunn.

‘Truth’: a cruel, elaborate and stultifying fiction ‘Truth’: a cruel, elaborate and stultifying fiction
The ‘truth’ of the modern world was and remains an instrument of enslavement. Philosophically this ‘truth’ translated too readily into positivism and deference to the objective virginity of facts, untouched by any subjective intrusion from mind. The modern world became an arid desert of reality.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: The real trouble with war (modern war) is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people. Ezra Pound

Comatose subject Comatose subject
Locke, Berkeley and Hume retained the essence of Spinozist monism i.e. the death of the self, except that this apparent death was rather a coma, a state of limbo in a passive state of abject dualism.
John Dunn


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