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Renaissance: Counter-Renaissance - the revolt against Jehovian terror

by John Dunn

Paperback £5.99

Traditionalism: the only radicalism - a new mythos for modern heretics

by John Dunn

Paperback £5.99 and Kindle £2.00

Heidegger in a destitute time Heidegger in a destitute time
Heidegger’s failure to become führer to the Führer, i.e. transform the political revolution of 1933 into the philosophical revolution of Being and Time, did not deter him from pursuing the new authentic future.

The vacuum left by his disengagement from politics and resignation from the rectorship was filled by an engagement with literature, in particular the poetry of Hölderlin.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: I guess the definition of a lunatic is a man surrounded by them. Ezra Pound

Authentic personalism Authentic personalism
This matrix not chosen need not be utterly binding or deterministic, which leaves an alienation against which human beings can struggle and find an opening for freedom.

Such a view needs the ‘other’ against which to struggle. The ‘other’ are the formulators of the matrix into which we are thrown. To struggle successfully against the ‘other’ is to open a clearing, a chink in the matrix, through which we will see.
John Dunn


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