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Coleridge, Vico and Gentile

There are echoes of Fichte and Coleridge in the shift from a Spinozist left radicalism to the political right. For Gentile, as for the others who had followed a similar path of political conversion, this shift was prompted by an urge to defend the ‘I’. But Gentile believed that he had introduced something new into the struggle, something which overcame the failings of all previous idealisms.

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Cosmic mediator Cosmic mediator
Steiner gave us permission to consider the occult as a means of answering the grail question - ‘what am !?’ He also permitted us to make a cosmic reversal - to upturn Spinoza and Marx - by establishing the working principle that matter originates in spirit.
John Dunn

Quote every hour: Philosophy is continual vigilance and reflection over what we are and what we make of ourselves... That dialectic of self-consciousness... is the root of philosophy. Giovanni Gentile

Cosmic mediator 2 Cosmic mediator 2
Consciously of not, Steiner incorporated Lurianic and Spinozist concepts of return to the original Substance into his cosmography, most likely through the influence of Hegel, who was similarly infected. Steiner’s concept of freedom ultimately denied the individually creative I. Like Spinoza, freedom for Steiner meant the recognition of necessity, except that he presented that necessity as cosmic in scale.
John Dunn


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