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Marxism masking

The state and state trappings of kings, princes, presidents and parliaments were co-opted as the guarantors, not of a feudal hierarchy, but of central banking, taxation and debt collection by means of force. This was the system first established in Venice, then later in the Netherlands, Britain, France and the USA. This was Sarpi’s ‘Republick of Merchants’ writ large. The pressure to extend this system has resulted in constant geo-political upheaval over the past two and a half centuries to this day.

Capitalism - a pejorative term used by socialists in the nineteenth century - was a myth perpetrated by Marx. It was not a new and progressive economic phenomenon. However, the myth gave the neo-feudalists a controlled opposition - controlled philosophically and politically. Through a controlled radicalism, the workers were led to oppose a straw man - the capitalist class - with the promise that the next and inevitable stage in history would mean the overthrow of that class and result in freedom from exploitation.

So what is Marxism masking? Answer the old Lombards’ private monopoly on nothing less than public debt and public credit, which implies an extension of this monopoly to control over public revenues and issuance of currency.

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Resurrection of the self

 Resurrection of the self

The concept of the thing-in-itself was a residuum of the Spinozist Substance (rooted as we know in Lurianic Kabbalah), which Kant’s Copernican Revolution combatted, but did not fully destroy. The post-Kantians intended to finish the job. Conscious that Kant’s thing-in-itself was a creation of mental activity, the post-Kantian idealists attempted to banish this Spinozist residuum from the world.
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Quote every hour: The real trouble with war (modern war) is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people. Ezra Pound

What ought to be What ought to be
The Romantic Movement in turn will then be seen as an emanation of the Promethean struggle for freedom against a mind-independent reality, ‘the struggle between good and evil the essential wheel in the working of things’, first articulated by Zarathustra.
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