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Cycling is not a means of travel, but rather a state of mind

Saturday, 14 Mar 2015

James Arnold Happy is the Cyclist on Dr John Dunn. First posted Friday, 18 April 2014 at 19:36

There has never been a more poetic and sympathetic rendition of the cyclist’s joy than the 1940 book by James Arnold, entitled the Joyous Wheel. Full of easy prose and woodcuts by the author. The following quotation captures the mood beautifully...

“Seek to amass, not miles, but experiences. Happy is the cyclist who rides throughout the year, taking what comes his way in weather, choosing only his itinerary. At the end of the year he will scoff at the poor soul who puts his mount in cotton wool for the winter, for he will recall thepageantry of an autumn forest, the sparkling winter morning,the ecstasy of spring, and the lazy afternoon of summer. He will rejoice in the tussle with the March wind, and the comradeship of his fellows round thewinter fireside before the battle to reach home.”

John Dunn.

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