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For Bolshevism insert liberalism

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2016

Ezra Pound on Dr John Dunn. First posted Monday, 20 April 2015 at 18:14

The answer to the following questions, so ably put by Ezra Pound, is USURA and its proponents.

Who destroyed the mystery of fecundity, bringing in the cult of sterility? Who set the Church against the Empire? Who destroyed the unity of the Catholic Church with this mud-wallow that serves the Protestants in the place of contemplation? Who decided to replace the mysteries within the Church so as to be able to destroy the Church itself by schism? Who has wiped the consciousness of the greatest mystery [Eleusis] out of the mind of Europe - to arrive at an atheism proclaimed by Bolshevism...?* (From Ezra Pound, A Visiting Card)

*For Bolshevism insert liberalism to bring this up-to-date!

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