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Ananke - Eros

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Ananke by Gilbert Bayes 1918 on Dr John Dunn.
Ananke - goddess, indestructible force, bestower of love and life, upholder of the law of fate and ultimate destruction, giver and destroyer.

Eros - primordial God of Creation and Life - symbol of the divine likeness of man.

Ananke - Entropy, Chaos, oneness, heat-death in which the world will be reduced to one vast temperature equilibrium in which nothing new ever happens, death.

Eros - anti-entropy, diversity, individuality, developmental potential, life.

Ananke - equilibrium, unviolated.

Eros - disrupter, violator.

Ananke - passive.

Eros - dynamic, creative.

Ananke - Mistress of the Labyrinth, cave, darkness, deepest mystery.

Eros - bringer of light, penetrator, painter of the cave, artist.

Ananke - Aphrodite, Demeter, Mother Earth, Nature, animal, despair, woman.

Eros - son, new birth, Renaissance, human, hope, man.


Eros - LOVE.

© John Dunn.

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