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Love destruction

Friday, 19 Nov 2021

Mutiple image on Dr John Dunn. Love destruction

Spinozist culture pervades all. It is the emanationism that festers at the core of all science and art. It is the post-Renaissance resurgence of the old Judaisms - original, Islamic and Christic. It is idolatry; and the idol that must be worshipped is the One.

What brings the financier, the Marxist and the anarchist together? The One. Globalisers rule through the canons of literature, art and science. The masonry of adepts comes together in the academy to worship closure and entropy, which is passed on in simple liturgies to those outside the inner sanctum as popular culture in its myriad forms.

Their antecedents were the exiles in search of a home who brought the Renaissance down. They found a home in the One by deconstructing the sovereignties of the many.

The mantric essence of this culture is best expressed in the Spinozist dictum that ‘Freedom is the recognition of necessity.’

The struggle is as old as time and, as though to confirm this, the ancient mythologies give us the metaphors for understanding.

In contrast to the idolatrous worship of the One and the path of return to the One, to be human is to be a violator of the One.

The One, the originatory Substance, the dark still waters of equilibrium, Ein Sof; these are all sobriquets for Chaos.

This was the infinite past reigned over by Ananke, the personification of necessity, and Chronos, the personification of time.

It was Eros who brought light upon the dark waters of Chaos, Eros who broke free from the comfort and confines of the cosmic egg to breath a new life, Eros the symbol of birth, awakening and consciousness; because Eros is being.

Eros too is Love and Love is the beginning of everything. Before Love there was no being. Chaos was not being.

Eros burst from the cosmic egg entwined by a serpent. This is the serpent of memory, the serpent of guilt, because before transgression there was no being.

Eros enters the still dark waters of Chaos as the Violator and Disrupter. He enters the cave and paints on the walls as a creator, imagining and making manifest things that had never existed before.

Love stood before Ananke as the rapacious destroyer of any equilibrium. To Love is to destroy, create and give birth to the New. ‘Make it new.’

Worshipers of the One would have us return tothe Chaos of equilibrium and pre-being. The one-worlders, globalists, financiers and their fully paid-up Gaia-worshippers, eco-warriors, Marxists and anarchists, are today’s idolaters who would have us return to a life of time and necessity; and time, of course, is money.

Dante saw a human face in the paradisal light. He saw the divinity of man in God; and God is Love. He saw man in the image of the Creator, man as Love.

To love is to be human, whereas the worshippers of the One reject Love for a soulless sub-human existence. See though their corrupting influence. The kabbalistic fable of exile and return is their tale, not ours.

A return to time and necessity is death. The struggle against time and necessity is hope for Heaven and Love; and God is Love.

The pro-life struggle against the death cult is ages-old and must continue so long as life clings on.

© John Dunn.

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