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Wednesday, 29 Dec 2021

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola on Dr John Dunn. To be more human is to be more divine, because consciousness cannot exist in harmony with the world, it is in the world, but ‘not of the world’.* By its very nature consciousness must live in confrontation with the world and change it - with ‘implications for eternity’.

Are we in confrontation with the world (i.e. in this case meaning the cosmos, or even God)?

Or are we the incarnated Word? Humankind as the second coming, as Rudolf Steiner might have expressed it?

So - are we in confrontation with it, or are we it?

If Spinoza is right, then to be in confrontation with it is to be heroic and tragic.

If he’s wrong and we are it, then are we not higher than angels?

If we burn with love for the Creator only’, wrote Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, ‘His consuming fire will quickly transform us into the flaming likeness of the Seraphim (Oration on the Dignity of Man)

*John 17:16

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