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Love and creativity

Monday, 17 Jan 2022

The sun symbol on Dr John Dunn. I wrote the following words for a recent essay and podcast.

Man can break the rules.

Just as Eros, the primordial god of Creation and Life and Orphic symbol of the divine likeness of man, broke out of the Cosmic Egg to disrupt the goddess Ananke’s equilibrium of Chaos, man too can break the rules.

Man can break out of the straitjacket of closed systems be they religious, economic, Dawinist, Spinozist, kabbalistic, Marxist etc.

To accept a system as closed, to accept freedom as necessity, is to withdraw into nature, to return to Mother Nature, to Ananke and an amorphous state of pre-Eros, pre-Love and pre-Being. Closed systems are the path to entropic death.

The systems we compose for ourselves can neither be closed at their beginning nor at their end.
Each breakout from a closed system is an echo of the Orphic myth of Eros, be this a break with:
. the womb
. innocence, or
. animal nature (Earth Mother)
Each of these and more is a cosmic egg to be smashed.

Each break is both an act violation and creativity, ultimately prompted by Love.

Each is an act of violation, ending the cycle, pentrating the egg, giving rise to birth and new life.

Each response to Love is a death and resurrection of man in the image of God.

To the ones living a fully human life of love and creativity are opposed those who lead a sub-human existence without love, who never make the break from Mother Earth and Animal Nature. These are the ones who worship the One, who promote the closed system, be it Dawinist, Spinozist, kabbalistic, Marxist etc.

This is the divide of all ages that is masked by the politics of Right and Left, which are two sides of the same coin. The real and only meaningful opposition is between those whose banners bear the symbols of love and creativity and those devoid of love, life and humanity who would have us return to the One, the ‘amorphous state of pre-Eros, pre-Love and pre-Being’.

© John Dunn.

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