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Truth: inside out

Monday, 17 Jan 2022

Blake on Dr John Dunn. Truth: inside out

Central to the previous ‘Thought blog’ was the statement:

...truth is something that we create. Truth never confronts us as external, other than as a bogus ‘truth’.
Let us call this truth the Logos, which better reflects its status as the ultimate truth and foundation of all. Logos of course is also known variously as the Word, God, Christ, as well as the Truth.

To continue then, the Logos as something we create is akin to the words of William Blake, i.e. that ‘imagination is God’.

I am called upon at this point to pause and consider a question related to the proposition that ‘the Logos is something we create’.

In the above proposition, is not the ‘I’ prior to the Logos? Does this not make the presupposed ‘I’ an abstraction, and can anything precede the Logos anyway?

We are in a damned if we are, or damned if we’re not scenario, because if the ‘I’ does not precede the Logos, the Logos exists without the ‘I’.

In either case the ‘I’ as active creator is lost.

Blake’s imagination, under the above logic, turns out not to be God.

The Logos stands external to the individual.

Can the following statement by Silesius be redeemed in any way?

Silesius on Dr John Dunn.

“I know that without me no God can live; were I brought to naught, he would of necessity have to give up the ghost.”.

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