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Imagination divine

Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

The Saviour on Dr John Dunn. Imagination divine

In our two previous ‘Thought blogs’, Endeavour is all and The transgressor is Saviour, we considered Truth, i.e. the Logos, as not something fully rounded and finished forever, Truth is rather an active endeavour or, to put it another way, the Logos, or God, is actively created.

Next we considered society in the same vein, concluding that the error of believing that the existing society is true must not be committed, as only that which is created and still has to be created can be true.

Now we turn to the individual.

There is a tendency for the individual to confront the object as something wholly apart, given and ready-made. Thus his relationship with the object becomes conformity, dependence, and mystical submissiveness to reality. Faith rises, but in the lowest form - as faith in the physical fact.

The role of the onlooker’s active creative intuition, i.e. living thought, in the full and complete development of the object as it appears to us is lost. The ready-made world we behold around us is the product of dead thought, or rather reflected thought, because, our role being lost, what we see is our own creative input reflected back to us as reality
, i.e. reflected back to us as something ready-made and inevitable.

Our potential for freedom lies in our successful reinstatement of the active, creative and intuitive “I” back into the process of thinking, and so back into the otherwise dead world around us.

Like the Logos and society, the world around us should be seen as the product of active, creative thought.

This,to some small extent, echoes William Blake’s belief that ‘Jesus is the imagination’, not meaning that Jesus is imaginary in the fanciful sense,but rather that imagination itself is the divine creator.

© John Dunn.

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