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Love or chaos

Thursday, 10 Feb 2022

A Blakean image on Dr John Dunn. The Good and Evil Angels, William Blake

Love or chaos

The materialists and the separationists* have much to answer for.

They perpetuate the materialist myth that the world as we know it can exist without man. The truth is - the world only exists because we know it.

No tree falls in the forest unless observed,
A shifting of molecules, an event occurred.
There was a stirring in the viscous soup
And man applied the girding hoop.

The materialists and separationists perceive a world devoid of love; to them it is hard, cold, colourless, silent and dead.
William Blake understood these implications and utterly despised them.

Deduct from a rose its redness, from a lily its whiteness, from a diamond its hardness, from a sponge its softness, from an oak its height, from a daisy its lowness, and rectify everything in nature as the philosophers do, and then we shall return to chaos. (Annotations to Lavater.)

As Blake knew well, the choice is between love or chaos.

*i.e. the separation of man from God, and man from Nature.© John Dunn.

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