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Thursday, 10 Feb 2022

The fave of a visionary on Dr John Dunn. Imagine

Rather like Rudolf Steiner, later in the 19th century, William Blake knew perception needed an additional component if man were to possess more than an animal-like relationship to the world around him.

Vision for Blake was reality, not the simple cataloguing of sense impressions as the psychologists of Blake’s time and our own maintain to be true.

Blake’s vision required a proactive element, an imaginative element, which is something that nature alone cannot produce. Imagination is uniquely the product of man’s mind alone.

With the above in mind, the following words of Blake might be more clearly understood.

I question not my corporeal or vegetative eye any more than I would a window concerning a sight; I look through it and not with it.

Blake’s reality was born of active creative endeavour.

© John Dunn.

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