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Stained glass of Leon

Friday, 11 Feb 2022

The glass of Leon on Dr John Dunn. Stained glass of Leon

The stained glass is the glory of Leon Cathedral in Spain.

The lower parts of the windows are decorated with vegetable motifs in the lancets and allegories of human realities in the rose windows, the sciences, the arts, the virtues the vices. As a very general rule we can say that at the base we find the mineral world depicted, over that the vegetable kingdom, and in turn over that, the world of mankind, capable of love and hate. In the highest places in the upper windows, shines the church triumphant, with all its legions of the blessed.

Biodiversity is subordinate to man, the angels and God and, arguably, only exists because of man, or, more specifically, man awoken, man touched by the Seraphim.

Without man’s powers of distinction, i.e. the ability to distinguish one thing from another, there would be the polar-opposite of biodiversity, or any diversity for that matter; there would be a return to amorphous oneness; nature would be one viscous soup, there would be too much God.

© John Dunn.

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