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Tolerance is being abolished

Tuesday, 2 Jul 2013

Pope Benedict XVI on Staff and Scrip, Dr John Dunn First posted on Monday, 20 August 2012 at 10:51

Just reading the interview by Peter Seewald of Pope Benedict XVI in Light of the World.

It is astonishing to read how radical the message of the Pope is, given the context of a world rapidly undergoing globalisation under the dominance of neo-liberal economic ‘values’.

The Pope considers it correct to say that he, representing the Catholic Church, is a counterforce to the world’s power.

And what is the philosophy of this world power? It is relativism. We live under the dictatorship of relativism and these are just a few of the Pope's words in response.

‘In the name of tolerance, tolerance is being abolished; this is a real threat we face. The danger is that reason - so-called Western reason - claims that it has now really recognised what is right and thus makes a claim to totality that is inimical to freedom. I believe that we must very emphatically delineate this danger. No one is forced to be a Christian. But no one should be forced to live according to the “new religion” as though it alone were definitive and obligatory for all mankind.’

‘It is very important for us to oppose such a claim of absoluteness conceived as a certain sort of “rationality”.’

‘Man makes himself absolute and is allowed to do anything - and then really becomes a destroyer.’

‘We must, so to speak, dare again the experiment with God - so as to allow him to work within our society.’
Quoted by John Dunn.

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