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A Vision of Beulah

Monday, 28 Feb 2022

Urizen by Blake on Dr John Dunn. Urizen casts his net, by William Blake

A Vision of Beulah

And Ananke created Urizen to distract the innocents away from the eternal God,

And Urizen’s jealousy of mankind brought forth self-hatred in himself, which in turn brought forth his vengeful hatred of Eros,

And the children of Urizen inherited this self-hatred, which in turn festered their vengeful hatred of Logos, God, the Word, the Cosmic Jesus, living thought, creativity and Love,

And after murdering Love, they sought to drag mankind down into the innocence of Beulah, a place of dumb idiocy, where all is commodity, everything has its price, and all have equal rights,

And in Beulah the differences of social status were defined by money, in a world where money makes more money,

And diversity and difference were expunged by reducing status and the measure of human estimation to that which is easily calculable,

And money turned desire for gain into the sole motive, outweighing all other motives, because the effort it demands of the mind is so very much less; nothing being so clear and so simple as a row of figures,

And out of self-hatred and vengeful hatred, the children of Urizen reduced the innocents to a parody of themselves,

And creativity died.

And Urizen cast the net of debt over all.

© John Dunn.

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