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Violator violated conscious*

Friday, 4 Mar 2022

Apollo and Daphne on Dr John Dunn. Apollo and Daphne, Andrea Appiani, 1794-1795

Violator violated conscious*

I finished my previous blog with a question:

The violator, now conscious, was the violated party.

But is not the unremitting cycle to be consciously broken?
Yes consciousness is the goal.

Yes that was the hope of Zarathustra/Eros upon his return to Beulah from the mountain top.

But in most of the dumb innocents the birth of consciousness is thwarted by the children of Ananke, the followers of Urizen.

Ensnared in debt from birth, the dumb innocents of Beulah are happy to find relief in any distraction, and the followers of Urizen are there to provide it.

Beulah is a place in which the do-nothing dumb masses might find contentment. “I just want to be happy” is the nauseating refrain.

I quote Gottfried Leibniz in a letter to Christian Wolff of 21st February 1705:
I do not think that there can be a blessedness in creatures that would be the satisfaction of every sort of desire, but rather that the true blessedness of a created mind consists in the unimpeded progress to greater goods. It is not enough to enjoy a contented and tranquil mind, for that also belongs to those in a stupor.
The point is made.

Whose benefit is served by holding the innocents in stupor?

….the holders of the chains of debt
.…the holders of the chains of knowledge

Yes-there are specific agencies involved, but they all share the same Spinozist, Marxist, Kabbalistic, Freemasonic and Derridian underpinnings. They are the children of Ananke, followers of Urizen, theanti-Love, the murderers of Love, driving the world on to undifferentiated Oneness and entropic death.

The violator violated comes to consciousness. There is incarnation …he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. (1 John 4:16). There is resurrection and new life.

I quote from Child of Encounter:

So,to look at this negatively, a life devoid of the experience of Love is devoid of God. But we cannot just choose to love can we? Surely a real experience of Love comes through the chance encounter. As such, some are elected and others are not one might say.
And Eros/Zarathustra came down from the mountain and urged the Elect to tear down the flags of imperialism and lead the dumb innocents out of Beulah under the banner of the vivifying sun.

*Cosmogenesis: Building the prosimetrum

© John Dunn.

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