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Thursday, 28 Apr 2022

Blake's Ascension on Dr John Dunn. Ascension

Those who might be bothered think at all often believe they are connecting to something spiritual, but all they feel is a profound sense of nostalgia for something they think is lost and out of reach, a fantasy.

The search for truth through the religion of their fathers turns into misplaced loyalty, or even a mind-numbing hobby.

The impulses of asceticism and devotion in whatever form have been corrupted by the spiritual darkness of the corporal world, which leads us away from the Logos,* not towards it.

The apparently devout and mystical feelings of a modern human being are false, and amount to a false religion.

Satan’s Synagogue was William Blake’s name for the false religion:

Man must and will have some religion; if he has not the religion of Jesus, he will have the religion of Satan, and will erect the Synagogue of Satan.

Blake called it a synagogue because its participants murdered Love, adhering instead pharisaically to a vengeful law:

Urizen called together the Synagogue of Satan in dire Sanhedrin
To judge the Lamb of God to death as a murderer and a robber. (Blake’s Jerusalem)

Blake did not see the Creator as an entity apart, an all-knowing God which controlled the affairs of man from across a divide. Such a distanced entity Blake described rather as Urizen, the demiurge, a 'self-deluded and anxious' shaper of pre-existent matter.

By implication, this made of the Bible's Jehovah a Satan, the puppeteer pulling the strings of mankind, an over-bearing father, a failed architect, and the 'Accuser of the World' who unfairly condemned Adam and Eve when he was the one at fault.

Christian religionism for Blake had carried over the worshipping of the demiurge from the followers of Jehovah, which made it, essentially, Devil Worship.

The demiurge fills the gap vacated by the Logos, for the Logos is not to befound amongst the murderers of Love, for God is Love. The devout and mystical feelings described above as false are for a god who is also false.

Only those in whom the Logos lives have the capacity for freedom from this bleak conditioning and ascension above nature and an animal-like existence (in thrall to Ananke).

He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.’ (1 John 4:16)

For those in whom Love dwelleth, the task of thinking is not to comprehend or intuit the Logos - an empty rhetorical undertaking, conceivable only on the basis of a false understanding of the Logos as an entity wholly apart, as Him ‘up there’, as Urizen.

The task of thinking is to incarnate the element of life that already lies within it and from which it alienates itself, i.e. the element of suprasensory life from which it moves and without which it would not be, even when it takes on the error.

The task of thinking is to realise its own intuitive nucleus, in which the Logos is present as an original force.

The way to the Logos does not lie within feeling, but at the source of the thinking by means of which we think.

There must be an awakening to Love, which is the originatory principle, in the beginning, always.

* The descriptors God, Love and Logos are to be considered as one, i.e. ‘God is Love’.

© John Dunn.

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