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Resurrected creation

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Lightning strikes on Dr John Dunn. Resurrected creation

There can be no overcoming of the evil in the human-animal except by the lightning-bolt Logos of thinking, whose force on Earth arises from fulfilling the divine task at the roots of the human being - namely, the victory over death, the Resurrection.

Resurrection is the instilling of ‘living thought’ and is linked to the capacity for creation. The uncorrupted feeling of the soul is experienced, purity of feeling is restored and creative faith is resurrected.

Until now we have only had a freedom with respect to the sensory, the tendency to depend on the past suprasensory revelations of others. Warm feelings of artistic ‘freedom’ are actually mired in shallow fashion and policed into emasculated safe expression.

Real freedom demands the action of the pure individual element, the product of direct contact within the soul with the source of the initiative and courage. It is an action for the sake of the innocents held in a sub-human community, since the Logos, through the individual act, surfaces in the world and tears the human away from animal nature.

© John Dunn.

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