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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Urizen and net on Dr John Dunn. Blake's Urizen. 'And Urizen cast the net of debt over all.'


The children of Satan led the innocents out of themselves with the promise of happiness to come …into Beulah. “We just want to be happy…, we just want to be happy…”, the innocents droned on and on.

And the children of Satan led them into debt, and with this came the objectivisation of past and future; the future extracted from the present and the cost of the past born by the present.

The innocents were resigned to the only existence they knew, and Urizen was respectfully acknowledged at the due times and dates.

“We just want to be happy…, we just want to be happy…”

And the children of Beulah found contentment;

and the children of Urizen collected the taxes and the debts;

and the children of Beulah were born into debt;

and the children of Urizen provided the drugs;

whilst the children of Beulah descended into the One, which is to say they were dragged down to nothing, to death.

Children of Urizen

They hide amongst the Innocents.

They feed off the Innocents.

They set Innocent against Innocent.

They send the Innocents to war.

You know you've met them,

probably when you've thought about it afterwards.

They don't smile, they sneer.

They look at you with calculation.

Snared in Urizen's net, they are the living dead.

Their lives are empty and uncomplicated.

Being themselves devoid of love,

when they meet Him they murder Love.

God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. (I John 4:16)

They that dwelleth without love, what are they?

The anti-Love; the masonry of hate; the children of Urizen.

Root them out, pleads Eros to the Innocents, root them out!

© John Dunn.

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