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Reducing the diversity of the world

Sunday, 31 Mar 2013

Alain de Benoist on Staff and Scrip, Dr John Dunn First posted on Sunday, 27 May 2012 at 10:15

The expression ‘new right’presents another difficulty. As I have suggested in an earlier blog, the very term political right has been hijacked wherever Anglo-Saxon thinking holds sway.

In the UK the right relates to two main currents. One is mainstream and invariably eulogises capitalism and thefree market. The other current, dubbed the far right, is represented bygroups which fear loss of a way of life, traditions and race identity amidst the swirling migrations of peoples induced by the globalisation of the labour market. The irony is that capitalism destroyed traditionalways of life long before any economic migrant set foot in Britain. What we have now are pantomime traditions, which have no spiritual content or connection to the roots of race whatsoever.

Alain de Benoist (above), leading theoretician of the French new rightsets out a key principle, which is opposition to the ideology of ‘sameness’ propogated by neo-liberalism, ‘i.e. the universalistic ideology which, under its religious or profane veneer, aims at reducing the diversity of the world (i.e. the diversity of cultures, value systems, and rooted ways of living) to one uniform model’. Read more...

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