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All history, all present, all future is the forest.

No tree falls there unless man sees.

And yet, the Greatest blasphemy is idolatry.

Is man not therefore the graven image before which I kneel?

God is love.

Love cannot be objectified.

Love is not something ‘over there’ before which I kneel.

Love is the mystery.

Only the highest orders of angels enjoy the immediate gaze of God and know the mystery of love.

An angel occupied your body and spoke to me… touched me… and drew me towards the Divinity.

On the way I collided with the Gods of obstruction, Luciferic beings who beat upon my astral body.

I felt the hammer-hardened capacity for evil, but also the potential for freedom that only an angel-touched man can know.

“I know that without me no God can live; were I brought to naught, he would of necessity have to give up the ghost.”

Angel, were you sent to rescue God?


An angel occupied her body and spoke to me.

Through love I acquired a divine reality, not just a teaching.

The divine reality entered in my human ‘I’ because I willingly accepted it.

The divine needed me to be reality.

“I know that without me no God can live; were I brought to naught, he would of necessity have to give up the ghost.”

Luciferic influences penetrated my astral body also, but they cannot gain access to my human ‘I’.

The Luciferic influences are expressed as the lower passions of error and evil. Without these the divine would have become real without a struggle.

The Luciferic influences had to be overcome for me to grow stronger than I would have been otherwise.

Progression would not have been possible without having to overcome these countervailing forces.

Now I remain distinct from the angels.

I seek the impulse for my actions in the deepest recesses of my own inner being, not out of the contemplation of the godhead.

I follow these impulses out of a struggle for understanding and freedom.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”

Cosmic development did not simply repeat itself, reconfiguring factors entered in.

Love entered in and along with love, freedom.

For without love, freedom is impossible.

Beings who must obey a given law merely do so, but for those who can do otherwise there is only one power that enables them to do so and that is love.

Love and freedom belong together

That is why my human ‘I’ is the cosmos of love and freedom and I can place amongst the hierarchy of angels the spirits of freedom and love.


An angel occupied her body and spoke to me.

It was then that I fell prey to the Luciferic forces.

They permeated my astral body.

I was only saved because the angels incarnated in me.

But a divine light went beyond the astral body and into my human ‘I’.

This phenomenon manifested itself physically and entered into an earthly individuality, appearing in a blood permeated body as Jesus of Nazareth.

This divine being who penetrated my human ‘I’ was different to the angels.

I experienced inspiration, a force within me.

To improve and advance I had to be inspired by a more perfect being.

I was not left just to depend on my own resources, and yet the reconfiguring presence exerted not the slightest compulsion upon me.

He did not work through his teaching but through what he did.

His greatest deed was his death.

Many religions share the same essential teachings, but at Golgotha what mattered was the deed.

The deed had its effect only when I decided it to have an effect.

That was when the deed united with the free nature of my human ‘I’.

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