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Something said 3

Jasper Johns 'Untitled' (2017) on Dr John Dunn. Jasper Johns “Untitled” (2017)
Jasper Johns/VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY; via Matthew Marks Gallery


I looked over the still dark waters and saw you there,
Eternal, wild, and infinite.

Angel of the noosphere

And did you really appear?
Was Chaos so ordered at that moment
That you held entropy at bay?

© John Dunn.

St Catherine, Vittore Crivelli, on Dr John Dunn. To the others

St Catherine, Vittore Crivelli, 1481 (V&A London)

“That’s enough,
The wheel is broken,
Let her down,
It’s time to end this,
She’s defeated us all.”

We all let her down.

© John Dunn.

Eros or Phanes on Dr John Dunn. Post-euphoria

There was a moment when I felt no guilt or compassion.
I was ruthless, cruel and victorious.

Tell me Eve, was I released from the grip of Ananke?
Look at me Eve, at least acknowledge me.

And is guilt Ananke’s revenge?
The snake of memory is entwined about me.

There was a sense of the serpent in her averted stride,
and a troubled preoccupation crossed her face.
© John Dunn.

Cave womb on Dr John Dunn. Cave flower

The inscrutability of woman in all this.

Man enters the cave and holds up Mithraic light,

Woman would keep the darkness;

And yet Eve held out the apple

As though the cave were an open flower,

Irresistible - like nectar to a bee.

There was encounter, there was love,

But when Orpheus looked behind he lost her,

Leaving her in darkness.

© John Dunn.

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