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Swayambhu suppressed

Otto Weininger on Dr John Dunn. In Canto X of Paradise Dante followed Plato, Plotinus and the pseudo-Dyonisius in presenting the goodness of the sun as symbolic of pure giving. The latter wrote of the sun which

gives light to whatever is able to partake of its light in its own way...

So it is with the Good. Existing far above the sun, an archetype far superior to its dull image, it sends the rays of its undivided goodness to everything with the capacity, such as this may be, to receive it…
A sun that is superior to the sun we can see. What is it that comes between this source and the creator mind of man? The answer is a dull image of the sun itself, a demiurgic fashioner as opposed to the true creator One.

We exist in the shadow of this interminable eclipse. The light of Eleuisis has been dimmed by the Jehovah of Nicaea. Jesus, the most holy and transfigured, was condemned to be Christ. This was the tragedy - a sage philosopher speaking universal truths dragged down by narrowly racial clan beliefs after achieving the highest vision of divine luminosity possible.

Two millennia of Jehovianism resulted in puppethood for mankind and the suppression of Swayambhu. Stasis was challenged in the great re-birth of art and creativity that was triggered by Dante’s anti-Messianic Comedy. The light of Eleusis illuminated the effigy of man in the ecstatic ending. This was outside and beyond stasis. (Ecstacy - ec outside, stacy stasis). Swayambhu breached the interminable cycle.

Having rekindled the promethean flame, Christianity fell once more under the snuffing pall of Nicaea. ‘Christianity sprang from Judaism. It has merged again in Judaism’, observed Marx, whose mantra might have been that ‘we are all Jews now’. Indeed he wrote that ‘the Jews had emancipated themselves insofar as the Christians had become Jews. The god of the Jews had become the god of the earth’.

And the new equilibrium is economic and the interminable cycle is a cycle of debt. Dante placed sodomites and usurers in the same circle of Hell, which prompted Ezra Pound to observe that ‘usury and sodomy, the Church condemned as a pair, to one hell, the same for one reason, namely that they are both against natural increase’. ‘They’ had indeed ‘brought whores for Eleusis’, the painted faces of sterility and decay.

‘Our era is not only the most Jewish, but also the most feminine of eras’ which ‘no longer has a single great artist, a single great philosopher. It has the least originality and the biggest hunt for originality.’ The words of Otto Weininger who believed that in being Judaised, society had also been feminised.

Like Marx he believed that we were all Jews now and, by his own inference, feminine, passive, unproductive, unconscious and amoral. Sickened by the world around him, Weininger committed suicide in the house where the archetypal creator Beethoven had died.

Weininger witnessed the transgendered world of unicultural 1 = 1 commoditised equality, Usura’s great crime against humanity. Pound drew up the charge sheet. ‘Moral perceptions have been degraded as political ignorance has risen,’ wrote Pound in Guide to Kulchur. ‘Knowledge imperils the financiers which is why you can always get financial backing for debauchery, any form of “entertainment” that debases perception, anything that profanes the mysteries or obscures discrimination.’

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