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Ananke violated

Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022

Ananke on Dr John Dunn. Ananke violated

And Ananke lay at rest, looking to the infinite as an equilibrium, with her self-regulating humours and her own necessities.

And the One was nought, and she was non-being.

And the Spirit of Love moved upon the face of the waters.

And storm clouds rose across the face of Ananke.

And Love bore down upon her.

And Love was the Word.

And Love was living thought.

And Love was Creativity.

And Love was the Cosmic Jesus.

And God is Love.
And Ananke was nothing.

And hands closed upon the neck of Ananke, which was also the neck of Ouroborus.

And the interminable cycle was choked back.

And storms rushed across the face of the deep.

And Love violated Ananke.

And the rain beat down upon the foaming deep.

And Ananke ‘be’came; nought became one.

And the waters were stilled.
And the cry of new-born Eros echoed across the Cosmos.
Pictured: Ananke by Gilbert Bayes, 1918

© John Dunn.

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