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Thursday, 24 Feb 2022

Ananke by Gilbert Bayes on Dr John Dunn. Ananke by Gilbert Bayes


And why is Eros tempted by evil?

Ananke, symbol of undifferentiated Oneness, equilibrium, the endless repeating cycle and entropic death, is Evil’s closest ally.

Eve was drawn to the Serpent.

The champion of violation is Eros, but why? Why is Love so drawn to Evil?

Why is the urge to violate the daughters of Ananke so irresistible to Eros, the son of Love?

It is because the urge to create is the defining aspect of man, just as it is the defining aspect of Love, the first Creator.

Eros is driven to break the daughters of Ananke and end the cycle.

Man is driven to penetrate the still darkness of the cave and paint on the walls.

Your soul will never be known entirely;
But for Eros, you would never be known at all.
All I can hope is to enter
And paint my dreams on your wall.
Man is driven to cross the water and penetrate new continents.
I looked over the still dark waters and saw you there,
Eternal, wild, and infinite.
Is creativity, that is violation, encouraged by Love?
An angel occupied your body and spoke to me… touched me… and drew me towards the Divinity.
© John Dunn.

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