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Thus spake

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2022

Blake's Urizen on Dr John Dunn. Pictured: Urizen by William Blake

Thus spake

Eros went down the mountain alone.

An awakened one is Eros: what will you do in the land of the sleepers?

Could it be possible! They have not yet heard of it, that God is dead!

Teach them Eros! Tell them where you’ve been.

I climbed the heights to look down upon the Synagogue of Satan.
You think you see the Creator, but He is not an entity apart.
What you see instead is Urizen, the demiurge, a self-deluded and anxious shaper of pre-existent matter.
When you worship Urizen you worship Satan, the puppeteer pulling the strings of mankind, the over-bearing father, the failed architect, the ‘Accuser of the World'.
You have been infected by the children of Urizen into Devil Worship.

Man must and will have some religion; if he has not the religion of Jesus, he will have the religion of Satan, and will erect the Synagogue of Satan. (William Blake)

© John Dunn.

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