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Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022

Ezra Pound on Dr John Dunn. Select 'few'

There is much written and discussed in the media about ‘cancel culture’, the attempt to re-write history by removing those parts that are unpalatable to a ‘discerning few’.

This is nothing new, and the ‘few’, as opposed the we the many, have been doing this history by selection for centuries. This is the very crux of Ezra Pound’s great epic poem, The Cantos.

The ‘few’ doing the sorting amounted to a universal despotism of the type that John Adams warned Thomas Jefferson about in Canto 33.

Wherever it has resided has never failed to destroy all records, all histories which it did not like and to corrupt those it was cunning enough to preserve…

Pound’s vision of Hell is the vast printing house in the hands of the ‘few’ (in Cantos 14 and 15) that spews and excretes stinking piles of useless and corrupting shit to bury and suffocate the individual human spirit. The globalists' grip on social media would be Pound’s target today.

© John Dunn.

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