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Love incarnated

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022

Image by Blake on Dr John Dunn. Christ in the Lap of Truth, 1805 Painting by William Blake

Love incarnated

I ended my previous blog by asserting that Christian religionism for Blake had carried over the worshipping of the demiurge from the followers of Jehovah, which made it, essentially, Devil Worship. Again, by further implication, this makes of materialism the totalising Devil Worship of our times.

What did I mean by totalising?

Totalising in the sense that what William Blake saw as an idolatrous doctrine, a profane doctrine, has become the globalist doctrine, the shared attitude.

Blake would say that we are now all followers of Urizen; we are all in the ‘Synogogue of Satan’. Karl Marx said as much.

Diversity is dead
All is as One
And 1=0

What stops us short of the precipice, just short of a return to Chaos, the realm of Ananke who almost holds sway?

A Saviour transgressor:

Like doctrinal religion, profane societies need laws, rules, contracts and institutions: they are those laws which, growing old as man progresses, constitute the force of the Pharisees of every age and the reason for the ideal struggle of the few who in each age attempt to renew them, whilst complying with them.

The error of believing that the existing society is true must not be committed, as only that which is created and still has to be created can be true.

The transgressor is Saviour.
It is the violation and penetration of Ananke by Love, and Love is God, not the imposter Urizen.

And Love is in the beginning - always.

And Love is incarnated.

And Love is murdered by the Pharisees of all times, the totalisers.

The idolaters would have us know God as something presupposed, an aged and vengeful curmudgeon who has been around forever, wholly apart.

In their totalising way they set everything up as something over there, to be understood as something apart, which is arguably the position of our own contemporaries. From religious idolatry to materialism is a short step.

The Incarnation overturns such idols.

Love suddenly stands before us, love becomes the medium in which we exist.

Love is not something objectively valid and over there, something to be explained:

In Love we are in the presence of a mystery, a reality rooted far beyond the domain of the problematical and the day-to-day challenges of just getting by. And this is no fanciful reminiscence, for in the chance encounter’s awakening of consciousness, with its ‘implications for eternity’, we cut right to the heart of religious mystery. For what is Love? Love is God. (Child of Encounter)
In love I was suddenly conscious of my every breath,
Love was the medium of my existence.
…he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. (1 John 4:16)
Not all dwell in Love:

Urizen called together the Synagogue of Satan in dire Sanhedrim
To judge the Lamb of God to death as a murderer and a robber. (Blake’s Jerusalem)

Urizen and his followers are the anti-Love. Love is not a vengeful curmudgeon, Love is a helpless newborn babe.

© John Dunn.

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