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Breaking Ananke, always

Sunday, 20 Mar 2022

A Bayes masterpiece on Dr John Dunn. Ananke by Gilbert William Bayes

Breaking Ananke, always

To agree with the assertion made by Silesius* is to accept that the I and the Logos live together or die together.

There can be no presupposition, either one coming before the other; that would be to fall into idolatry, and the idolator’s world is dead.

Once the world is dead, without form, void, dark, undisturbed and inevitable, then it is returned to Ananke as the One; and 1=0.

So without presupposition, the Logos and the I must dwell one within the other for the world to live.

It is Urizen’s world that is dead. We feel apart from it, subject to it and beholden to it.

The living world is not the product of the active and creative thought of the mutual indwelling, rather it is active creative thought.

An entity that is a product of thought is past and dead, and is subsumed by Ananke into the One, and 1=0.

Active and creative thought is not a reflection of an objective world apart, i.e. Ananke’s dead realm.

Active and creative thought is Love ‘in the beginning’ always, breaking the equilibrium cycle always, breaking Ananke at each moment.

Only that which is being created and still to be created is true, leaving that which was created as false.

Thus the need to exist in the medium of Love, without cease, to be in Love.

This is to deny the legitimacy of lives as untrue that do not encounter Love, or murder Love when it is encountered.

* “I know that without me no God can live; were I brought to naught, he would of necessity have to give up the ghost.”

© John Dunn.

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