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An expansion upon the previous blog*

Sunday, 20 Mar 2022

Nietzsche on Dr John Dunn. An expansion upon the previous blog*

God is dead, announced Nietzsche.

Thinking is dead is the implication of Nietzsche’s insight, that is thinking in the belief that it reflects an objective world, resulting in a storehouse of dead thoughts which we each call our own.

But the dead thoughts that we occasionally bring forth are so many idols.

In the previous blog I proffered the idea that:

Active and creative thought is Love ‘in the beginning’ always, breaking the equilibrium cycle always, breaking Ananke at each moment.

Only that which is being created and still to be created is true, leaving that which was created as false.

Thus the need to exist in the medium of Love without cease, to be in Love.
God is Love.

Active and creative thought is the pathway of the Logos into the world - in the beginning, always.

*See Blog, Breaking Ananke, always

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