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Everything amazing

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2022

William Blake, The Ascension on Dr John Dunn. William Blake's Ascension

Everything amazing

The individual who has shrugged off the power over him of Blake’s cosmic Pharisee has regained conscious determination of thought and can take his place in the eternal beginning. For what is real does not come to us from the past but is created in the eternity of our present, behind which there is no past and in front of which there is no future

According to Urizen’s ancient impulse of non-freedom, or the submission to revealed truth, we are led to refer to a truth outside us, a god apart from us, with the world petrified in its alterity standing as the symbol of the death of the “I”.

We are led to believe that truth lies in the outer object, in the quantifiable phenomenon, or in the physical-mathematical formula.

Urizen’s world is untouched by Love, and a stranger to living thought; it is the cold, dry, barren, shrivelled-up womb of the unloved and never-loved.

Living thought is the means by which the “I” is resurrected. Born as Eros, the light of the Logos enters the world, and Love is incarnated.

Living thought is where the stand is first made against the anti-Love; and Ananke is violated.

Origin story tribal,

Its mythos individual.

Origin awakening,

Everything amazing

To a child heaven-sent,

The eternal present.
© John Dunn.

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