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What’s the matter

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2022

Idol worship image on Dr John Dunn. Matter as idol worship

What’s the matter

Matter is petrified thought, the original power of which is unnoticed, lost, and reflected back as an entity in its own right. This reflected entity is in fact dead matter which, having no life, takes on the symbology of death.

This reflected entity will remain a symbol of entropic death until it is de-crystalised and re-infused with living thinking.

To think that matter moves or evolves is superstition, blunder, and obscure faith. In truth, matter opposes movement.

Until matter’s resistance is overcome, then our relationship to it will be one of worshipper to idol. We will continue to make a mythical entity out of matter.

Matter exists only where it is perceived and not beyond.

It does not have an inner shaping power of its own; it remains indiscriminate until shaped by thought; and yet we repeatedly succumb tothe superstition of matter, some more than others, some so totally that they remain an object to be shaped by others, for exploitation and debt burden.

Inner shaping power

One dimensional no.1 by Zheng Chang

What is the inner shaping power that matter does not possess? It is the experience of the living content of perception which allows man to know the secret of the three dimensions.

This ‘living content’ is that aspect of perception that shapes the world in which we live, but is lost at the moment it is thought, leaving a world reflected back to us that we believe is shaped materially even before we enter into it. This is the idolatrous faith in matter promoted by Urizen.

It might be simplified as follows:

Of the dimensions, only one is sensory. The other two are internal, as suprasensory structural relations of the first, constituting its living content.

The point is that without the living content of thought,perception would be one-dimensional, experiencing the world notionally,somehow, as line only, if there could ever be such a thing asa one-dimensional world. Such one-dimensionality is that symbolised by Ananke’s realm, infinite and undisturbed, where 1=0, until violated by man.

Volume and spaciality, i.e. the shaping of the world out of its one-dimensionalitiy, are given to the world by us, by our living thought. We shape the world in a way unknown to us.

© John Dunn.

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