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Destroy nature

Thursday, 21 Apr 2022

Flames of destruction on Dr John Dunn. Destroy nature

A sense of a freedom might feel ephemeral, and just out of reach, but how is the ephemeral made to be enduring?

What is this ephemeral feeling?

It is a sense that the equilibrium of the accepted might be disturbed, i.e. the interminable cycle of nature might be broken.

This equilibrium in my mythological terms is the undisturbed realm of Ananke, i.e. the vast, the infinite, the One.

The violation of Ananke is the Beginning.

In the Beginning was the Word.

The ephemeral feeling is the light of the Logos breaking through.

The light of the Logos can only permeate nature by destroying it

This destruction of nature must be the overcoming of that which was shaped by thought, but which is reflected back to us as ready-made material nature devoid of any thought (or spiritual) content, i.e. devoid of our own content.

This destructive act is committed by people who are newly conscious of that which is lost, i.e. the Logos, or the shaping though-content of nature.

This consciousness empowers the investigator to wilfully break the interminable cycle, thereby radicalising the void and opening the threshold to the light of the Logos, the Christ - certainly not the mystical or gnostic Christ or that of religion, but the cosmic Christ.

© John Dunn.

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