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Birth of the “I”

Sunday, 24 Apr 2022

Birth of thought on Dr John Dunn. Birth of human consciousness

Birth of the “I”

With consciousness and will the human “I” can reverse the ages-old process in which the shaping force of thought has been reflected back to us and falsely understood by us to be self-sustaining nature, or matter.

The“I”,with self-consciousness and freedom, leads the process of disintegration and reintegration, in a direction opposite to that of accepted nature, i.e.that which attracts the light of the shaping, reflecting it back in a process of bestialisation.

The “I” within the vehicle of pure thinking inverts such a direction and destroys unthinkingly accepted nature.

This is the difficult part - possibly impossible for anyone who has spent a life on his knees to Urizen, for one must embrace the role of destroyer wholly and internally, annihilating the obscurity of human nature, to live a life open to the Logos shining through.

This act of annihilation is the only true revolutionary goal, and is contrary to the obscurity that determines the ethical level of human culture and socio-economic processes.

Our truly revolutionary act of annihilation will lead to a discovery of the “I” of Dantesque proportions, the discovery of the “I” in the Logos and vice versa.

We seek the Logos because, obscurely, we seek the originating principle that delivers us from evil, from error and from destruction, but we cannot find it as long as we ignore our own “I”, which bears the force of the Logos within it.

The originating principle is Love; and the Beginning is the violation of the interminable cycle of nature by Love, and the the birth of the “I” as self-consciousness is the issue of this union.

The “I’ as self-consciousness has one goal, not to be bound to pysycho-physiological nature, not to become a kind of epiphenomenon of it but, rather, to achieve an ascension from it.

The beginning and ascension - always.

© John Dunn.

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